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Sandler calls Brand a 'sweet kid'

Funny man Adam Sandler, 42, talks about making his new family comedy, Bedtime Stories, about a hotel handyman whose tales to his nephew and niece start to come true. He reveals what it was like working with Russell Brand and that he'd like to work with Drew Barrymore again.

Russell Brand and Adam Sandler

This is a really family-friendly film but I heard that parents used to shout at you in the street because of films you'd made, is that true?

Most people are pretty nice to me but on occasion I had a mother grab my arm and go, 'How dare you. You've influenced my child and he's peeing on walls' and that kind of thing. But with this movie I want those same mothers to hug me and say, 'Thank you for teaching my child to read'.

The other fun thing is all the costumes. What was your favourite thing about that?

I look very good in everything. In the cowboy hat I look handsome. In the Roman or Greek thing, I think I look good in the toga outfit.

Was it entertaining to make Russell Brand wear all those things as well?

Yes! He's funny, he's good in a costume. I'm at a point in my career where they ask me to put make-up on and I yell at them, 'No. How dare you talk to me like that!' But Russell had to put on this weird C3PO costume and he was like, 'No problems'.

Russell's crediting you with basically giving him a Hollywood career. Are you his mentor?

Not at all. He would have done it and I'm just happy he's in the movie. All I did for Russell was tell people he's funny and that's about it. But people already knew that.

He's had a lot of stick recently in the UK, so have you been bigging him up to everybody?

Adam Sandler and Teresa Palmer
Bedtime Stories stars a host of British talent like Jonathan Pryce
I know he wishes that stuff never happened. He's a sweet kid and it's time to move on I think.

You're producing his next movie so you must really like him...

That's why I'm saying. It's time to move on, so when I produce his next movie it makes more money!

You have quite a few Brits in this film and there are quite a few doing well in Hollywood. Why do you think that is?

You definitely speak a lot smoother than most of the guys I hang out with. The British actors in the movie, like Jonathan Pryce and Richard Griffiths - everybody's great. Richard Griffiths does make you laugh with everything he says in the movie. Last night we watched Bedtime Stories and I heard Russell cackling at everything Richard said.

Did you have fun on set with Russell, because you're clearly mates? Were there lots of laughs?

He ad-libbed a million things and everything was really sharp and funny and we all laughed at whatever Russell had to do. He's a silly guy.

Did that cause a problem with filming? Did you have to keep stopping the action?

He made the kids laugh a lot and I would come in and say to the children, 'Don't ever laugh at Russell because we can't use it!'

Have you ever thought about doing a sequel to The Wedding Singer?

I never thought about doing another one, but I like Drew (Barrymore) though. She's a good girl and we'll figure something out down the line. I don't know about another Wedding Singer though.

Adam Sandler was speaking to Newsbeat's Frances Cronin.

Bedtime Stories is out in the UK on 26 December.

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