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Girls Aloud support 'my idea'

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was the special guest on Thursday's Chris Moyles Show.

He talked about Girls Aloud supporting the band next summer, being inspired by Hallelujah singer Jeff Buckley, fighting the effects of jetlag, and why he walked out of an interview earlier this year. He also had a dabble on the keyboard and sang a bit of Take That hit Back For Good.

Chris Moyles and Chris Martin

How were the shows in London?

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they couldn't have been better. We couldn't have done much better, and the audiences particularly couldn't have been better.

Have you ever has a moment where the audience hasn't been so hot and you've had to say 'Oh, come on!' ?

It's funny you say that, yes. One was in Germany and I said 'Oh come on!' and they didn't know what it meant.

And I had a moment about three weeks ago where we'd flown from Arizona to somewhere and we were all really jetlagged; and after Yellow I turned around to Will and said 'I can't do it anymore'. And he said 'Oh Come on!'

What's the song Violet Hill all about?

What's it all about is a general malaise... well it is actually a hill... I can tell you that Violet Hill is actually a street and joins Abbey Road - so it's kind of a Beatles reference.

Have you ever revealed that before?

I don't think so in public, no.

Do you do any Christmas songs in your live shows?

Yesterday we did Jingle Bells with Simon Pegg on harmonica...

Whose idea was having Girls Aloud support you?

I'm gonna say it was Phil's and mine combined, and as with all decisions in our band we had to run in past Will, our drummer. Will said 'Hmm, yeah, good idea'... If Will says 'Hmm, OK', then it means it's the best idea you've ever heard.

Was your song Shiver inspired by the work of Jeff Buckley?

Yes of course, it's a blatant Jeff Buckley attempt.

Because it sounds like him...

Yeah it does - not quite as good - that's what I think... we were 21 and he was very much a hero and with those things it tends to filter through.

It was a great bit of audio when you walked out of the Radio 4 interview in June...

To be fair I did walk back in. I felt bad because I was on the spot and I didn't want to be on the spot, so I got off the spot - and then came back onto it... he (the interviewer John Wilson) was a nice guy.

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