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Which Hallelujah do you prefer?

Alexandra Burke and Leonard Cohen
Alexandra Burke is up against Leonard Cohen (right) and Jeff Buckley

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke seems to have the Christmas number one nailed down with her cover of Hallelujah. But after an internet campaign it looks like Jeff Buckley's 90s version could be in the top five too. But which version to you prefer? We played both versions to five Radio 1 fans and asked them to decide which one they liked best.


Sarah Amin

I prefer Jeff Buckley's version because I think the voice suits the song better and it is softer.

I do think Alexandra has a great voice but I think her version is trying too hard to sound edgy and like an R&B track which in my opinion doesn't suit the lyrics.


Tom Stottor

I prefer Jeff Buckley's version because I think the song is better suited for a gruff voice, a man's voice.

I think Alexandra sings it too soul like and I don't think that really fits with the song.


Tanya and Seleka

Tanya: I prefer Alexandra Burke's version as she brought the song to life and made it sound like something I want to listen to. For me Jeff Buckley sounded too church like.

Seleka: Both songs had qualities that I liked. Alexandra is a bit more up to date but because it is Christmas and in the Christmas spirit Jeff Buckley's version is more seasonal, I think because I am so used to hearing it around this time.


Tom Nelson

I prefer Alexandra's version as it sounds more edgy and I really like her voice.

For me Jeff Buckley's version sounded too slow and flat.


Heather Creelie

I preferred Alexandra's version as I think she has a better voice and sounds happier.

Jeff Buckley's sounds like he is depressed.

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