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Gareth Gates' dream comes true

Gareth Gates puts on his technicolor dreamcoat and reveals he is set to star in the West End musical Joseph at the Adelphi Theatre. He will take over from Any Dream Will Do winner, Lee Mead, in February next year. Gareth is getting used to the theatre by starring as Prince Charming in panto in Wimbledon.

Gareth Gates
Gareth poses at a photocall for Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

You said this is the happiest day of your life - is Joseph your dream job?

Yeah, first time I ever sang was on stage in my first school - I played Joseph there - I was eight years old, so obviously it's a great feeling now to be playing Joseph in the West End.

One word for you: loin cloth.

Loin cloth! I know. Yeah, I'll have to be in the gym I suppose from then on. Once I'm a bit more ripped, I think I'll be fine.

What's going to be your regime down the gym?

Lots and lots of work on abs, shoulders and arms. And my legs a bit.

Lee used to complain that he had to wax a bit.

Really, what would I have to wax? Erm, my chest is actually really, really hairy so I might have to wax.

So, they haven't given you guidelines on that yet?

They haven't yet.
Gareth Gates and Lee Mead
Gareth squares up to Joseph's outgoing lead Lee Mead

You're looking really brown. Are you going to be topping up the fake tan for the run?

Absolutely. It's fake yes.

What's it going to be like following Lee?

Lee's been really amazing. He has the most amazing voice - big shoes to fill if I'm honest. I'll have to work extra, extra hard.

Have you been buying baby books now you're a young dad to be?

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to being a dad. We're both over the moon about it.

You're quite young.

I am. But my mum and dad were really young and they made great parents so I'm hoping that I do the same.

Have you been watching X factor?

Yes I have.

Who do you want to win?

Diana Vickers is my favourite. I think her voice is great, I think she looks really great.

What about Britney - she's on X Factor this week.

Is she on this week? Wow - I'll really look forward to seeing that.

Gareth Gates was talking to Newsbeat's entertainment reporter Frances Cronin.

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