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Michael McIntyre on replacing Ross

Stand-up comedian Michael McIntyre is all set to take over Jonathan Ross' Friday night slot when he becomes the host of Live At The Apollo. He spoke to Newsbeat about his big break, what he gets up to when he hangs out with other comedians and what he thinks of being nominated for a Comedy Award.
Michael McIntyre
Michael says he can't quite believe he's up for a comedy award

You're going to be hosting the new Live At The Apollo - are you excited?

We filmed it last night. It'll be out next Friday. Hugely enjoyable gig. It's just a great laugh - you've got thousands of people and it looks great. It's a real big stand-up showcase, it's got lots of great comics on it. And I hope it edits well!

How do you feel about seeing yourself on TV?

It's an odd thing. I never know if it's gone well - I normally have to check with my wife.

I did have a little bit of a disaster. I did the Prince Charles thing at the weekend… and it was great - except for the fact that this suit I wore didn't quite fit me. I wore this very thick shirt underneath it and when I raised my hands the suit sort of got stuck… and it looked appalling.

I thought everyone was laughing at the jokes but they were probably laughing at the suit that didn't fit me. So apart from panicking about what I look like, it's OK.

Your DVD's number one in the comedy charts.

It's my first DVD, I'm really excited about it. It's a surreal experience to see my DVD in the shops.

I see it in the shops a lot because I go to all the shops and I move them nearer the till. I've seen this programme on product placement in shops and that's why they put all the sweets in the supermarket at the end and that's why they put the alcohol at the end. They're playing with your psychology.

So I go to shops and get all my DVDs and strap them along the front of the till. Sometimes I just hand them out to people, sometimes I just put it in people's baskets, so they buy it by accident.

Are you good friends with any other comedians?

We are all the best of friends. We have dinner together every night. Every night we sit round the table and we laugh at each other's jokes. And we watch each other's DVDs and go to bed. And sometimes we wake up in the night laughing.
 Stephen K Amos, Jon Culshaw and Michael McIntyre
Recording The Big Night in with Jon Culshaw and Stephen K Amos

There's a nice camaraderie because it's a very strange job that we all do. We come from all different parts of the country, we have all different styles and it's fun to meet up and discuss similar experiences: [like] 'Did you do Newsbeat?'

Are all your jokes well rehearsed and have there been times when they haven't worked?

I don't really do jokes, I just talk about things that I find funny. I tend to laugh at them myself as well because I find them funny. I don't do gags, just observational comedy. I just collect all these stories and try them out and if people laugh I do them again and make them better.

Trying new stuff is always nerve-racking because sometimes observations happen and nobody can relate to them.

Like I was walking and my leg keeps giving way. So I go on stage and I go: 'You know when you're walking and your right leg just goes and you almost fall over'. And everyone looks at me like: 'No'.

It turns out I have a problem with my leg. Basically I have a floating cartilage and it's being seen to.

You're replacing Jonathan Ross' slot on Friday nights - how do you feel about that?

He's got a massive audience and I'm sure he'll return to his audience.

We had Speed - was there Speed 2? We ran out of Speed films so now they've put in some original programming.

It's a great show... Friday night's a great slot. We'll temporarily fill the vacancy and I'm sure Ross will be back.

Any other future plans?

There's lots of things going on. I'm going to finish up my tour. I'm going to be doing the Royal Variety again for Prince Charles. Not just Prince Charles. It's not a one-on-one. Can you imagine if it was like Britain's Got Talent and it was just Prince Charles, the Queen, Prince Phillip and Anne? And they sit there behind big X's and you come out and tell a few jokes?

There's lots of gigs, lots of work. Looking forward to having a rest over Christmas because I've been doing this tour every night for a long time.

And you've been nominated for a British Comedy Award.

So exciting. I've never been nominated for anything. I'm always on the long list. You get a long list then a shortlist. People only ever hear about the shortlist. I've been on the long list for everything.

Just to be nominated's really exciting - to be in the mix. No-one can take that away from me. I keep worrying they will. I keep checking the website. My name's still on it - I haven't made a mistake.

Live At The Apollo returns on 28 November on BBC One.

Michael McIntyre was talking to Newsbeat entertainment reporter Sarah Jane Griffiths.

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