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Rhydian returns with debut album

Last year's X Factor runner up says Simon Cowell was out of order to say he should have won instead of Leon Jackson. Rhydian Roberts has also admitted it was scary going back on X Factor at the weekend to perform. His first album, a mixture of songs he performed with a few originals, is out now.

Rhydian Roberts

How did it feel going back to the X Factor?

I really loved it. It's not the norm for a runner-up to go back and it was great to see everybody again.

Was it nerve-racking?

It used to be chaos backstage and it was no different last Saturday, in fact more so. I went on stage and they said, '3,2,1' and I had to start singing, but I wasn't in position. Yeah, it was a lot of pressure and I could feel the nerves of the competitors as well.

What was it like being in front of the judges again?

Yeah, fab. The studio's slightly different. There seems to be less audience in there now and they were further back. But you still get that glare from the judges. It was different though because Cheryl wasn't there last year.

You were on the show when Louis made Dannii cry, and she was your mentor last series. Did you see it all happen?

I was backstage preparing for my performance and the person doing my hair and make-up is the same as does Dannii's. She was rushing back saying, 'Dannii's not happy - she's crying.' It was quite an awkward moment because she genuinely was shedding a tear, it wasn't just for camera.

What has life been like for you over the last year?

It's been awesome. The best year of my life without doubt. I've been away in America for a large part of the year working in Los Angeles, writing and recording. And also in Nashville, Tennessee. The rest of the time I've been living in Stockholm in Sweden, kind of hibernating.

Tell us about your album.

Rhydian Roberts
Rhydian's debut album was released on 24 November
It's a real eclectic mix of songs. I really wanted that to be the case and not go down the X Factor tribute album for Mothers Day route. I'm really happy with the results. We've included some originals, which is important for me, one song in particular that really suits me called I'm Coming Home Again.

I've heard you've also done a duet with Nicole from Pussycat Dolls. Is that right?

Ha ha! Very impromptu that was! I was lucky enough to be in an interview with Pussycat Dolls and I was blown away. Seriously the most attractive girls collectively that I've ever seen. They were really sweet and Nicole started singing this song that I know and we sang together. It was very much an impromptu duet, but it was a moment, a real moment.

I've been lucky enough all year to meet incredible people. The week before I was doing a private gig with Girls Aloud. They were awesome. I gigged with Stereophonics and I often gig with Catherine Jenkins, who's very easy on the eye, and has a great voice as well.

Simon Cowell has been quoted recently as saying you should have won last year and Leon shouldn't. Have you heard any of this?

I've seen that interview. They filmed a documentary about me that went out on Welsh TV. He did say that and yeah, that's a bit harsh on Leon. It is what it is. A competition and on the night he won hands down. I was disappointed because I felt I let a lot of people down who voted for me but in a way it's worked out better for me. I've been a lot more free this year to do my own thing.

Longer term is there anything else you'd like to get involved with?

My main goal was to be a recording artist and off the back of that do UK tours. I'd love that to continue, but also theatre. I'd love to create on role on Broadway and the West End. If theatre and acting comes round, then great. I'm just really enjoying life right now and taking every opportunity that comes my way.

Andrew Lloyd Webber hasn't offered you anything yet?

I met Andrew at his 60th birthday and had a few drinks. He was awesome and very funny, very complimentary. If he was to ever ask me to play a role in his new sequel (to Phantom of the Opera), if it works out time wise, if I've got a period off and can play a role in his new musical, then fantastic. I've had other offers for the West End but it's not the right time.

Rhydian Roberts was talking to Newsbeat entertainment reporter Sinead Garvan.

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