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Director explains why Bond is 'broken'

Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster might seem a surprising choice, given that his previous films like Finding Neverland were anything but action movies. He spoke to Newsbeat about getting the jitters, being inspired by Daniel Craig and why he's made Bond more human this time.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Marc Forster says Daniel Craig was an inspiration

It must have been quite daunting when you first agreed to do the film, did you ever think: 'What am I doing?'

Yes, absolutely. To begin with when they offered me the movie I was very hesitant. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make it or not. Ultimately, when I met Daniel Craig, he inspired me and I thought yes, I could make an interesting movie with him.

There were definitely moments, especially when the script wasn't finished and there was location scouting all over the world and I was sitting in aeroplanes thinking: 'What am I doing? Should I pull out? Is this the right thing for me to do?'

Because Casino Royale was so successful and the expectations were enormous and the pressure to do the sequel was pretty intense.
Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko and Marc Forster
Director Marc Forster with Daniel Craig and Bond girl Olga Kurylenko

How do you know when you've got enough explosions?

I designed the movie from the start to do action sequences in the four elements to distinguish them - air, water, fire.

At the same time, there are a couple of little extra sequences throughout. To make every fight scene choreographed and different from the one before, so they all have their own language.

This is a different Bond than we've seen before.

Yes. In the last movie, when he loses the love of his life, he is in pain. I thought it was interesting to take that Bond which is broken and in pain and move him on into the story to give it an emotional texture and a character who faces his own demons.

He's not as interested in women because he's dealing with heartbreak.

Yes, that's what I perceived and that's why I created Camille's character [played by Olga Kurylenko] as a mirror of him and who was out for revenge on her own. And Gemma [Arterton] is that sort of comic relief and that flirtatious character he sleeps with.
Olga Kurylenko
Ukrainian-born Olga Kurylenko is new to the Bond franchise

Other than that there really are no women because I felt he was heartbroken in the last one. It wouldn't be the right choice that he falls in love again or sleeps his way through this movie.

This is a follow-on to Casino Royale, does that mean it's going to become a series?

I think they have the option to make a trilogy out of this or start completely fresh.

But I do feel if they decide to make a trilogy out of it then it would be the last one and then start fresh from there. I think they have both choices so I'm not sure what the producers are wanting to do.

One thing you notice is that there are no real gadgets.

Gadgets remind me more of comic superheroes these days and Bond is so much more set in reality right now that I thought the gadgets weren't that important.

Is it something you would be interested in doing again?

They asked me if I wanted to do Bond 23 but I'd rather do something else and switch genre. Something small like I've done before - The Kite Runner, Finding Neverland, Stranger Than Fiction... any of the movies I've done - smaller and more character driven.

Marc Forster was talking to Newsbeat entertainment reporter Sarah Jane Griffiths.

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