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Schofield defends Katona questions

Kerry Katona
Kerry Katona left Atomic Kitten in 2001 after getting pregnant

This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield has told Radio 1 his side of the story after Kerry Katona was interviewed on the programme.

He's been speaking to the Chris Moyles show after the former Atomic Kitten star appeared to slur her words on Wednesday morning.

Her husband's put a statement on the MTV website, insisting her speech was because of a sedative she's using.

Kerry Katona went on ITV1's This Morning to promote her MTV reality show, Whole Again, and talk about her cosmetic surgery.

She arrived very late yesterday. Normally our producers would have time to sit down with the guests, say, 'We're thinking about talking about this. This is the theme of it. Would you like a cup of tea? Let's take you through to make-up'. She arrived very late and didn't give anybody any time to sit down and talk to her.

One of our researchers said, 'We were going to mention the bankruptcy.' Someone around her said, 'If you talk about the bankruptcy then she's going to walk out'. So that came straight through to the studio floor saying, 'She's a bit agitated because she's late and she doesn't want to talk about the bankruptcy'. Well, OK, fair enough. We can cope with that.

There is no way that our producer would have allowed that interview to have gone ahead had we known the situation that she'd found herself in that morning
Phillip Schofield
And then she came through to the studio, we kissed her on the cheek and the programme went on air. So at no time did we have any idea what condition she might be in. When we threw to her as an introduction both Fern and I looked at each other and said, 'There's a problem here', but by which stage you're on the air, it's too late.

I know our team are as caring behind the scenes as I hope that we are on the telly and there is no way that our producer would have allowed that interview to have gone ahead had we known the situation that she'd found herself in that morning.

Legally and without fact I couldn't possibly say and wouldn't even consider judging what the condition was of her yesterday morning. Whether it was alcohol - they deny it. They say it was prescription drugs, anti-psychotic drugs that she takes having been taken late. Whatever reason that she was in that condition, and there's no denying she was in a condition yesterday morning, I think that the people around her, and I don't mean our team because we had no knowledge of what was going on, I think it was irresponsible to put her on the telly and to drive her in to our studio yesterday was irresponsible.

Kerry Katona's erratic performance on ITV's This Morning

To see someone in crisis in front of you, and anyone who watches This Morning they know that if someone deserves a kick up then we'll kick 'em up but the last thing that Kerry Katona needs is any more trouble in her life. As it happened in front of both Fern and my eyes, as we watched it happen, the last thing I want to do is to witness a car crash in front of my eyes.

We've known her for a long time. Anyone in crisis, when it's happening on air in front of you live and you're knowing that within 20 seconds this is going to be on YouTube. And she'd said in the interview, 'Oh, this is going to be the headlines tomorrow'. And we're both thinking, 'Yeah Kerry. It is'. And it won't be the fact that you've had the change of body, all the cosmetic surgery, and you now look fantastic. That's all been brushed aside. And it's the fact that for whatever reason you are slurring your words.

Kerry Katona and friend
Kerry Katona is snapped on a night out this summer in Cheshire
You shouldn't be here. You should be at home, you should be wrapped up in the loving arms of someone taking care of you. You shouldn't be on the telly.

She has her MTV team with her. They were in her dressing room. As we went to the break she was obviously very, very angry with us and she got up and walked out of the studio with her husband.

We didn't attempt to stop her because we knew she was a very angry girl and the last thing you want to do is to make that any worse on the studio floor. And we had other guests there as well so you don't want a scene. So, she got up, she left and went in to her dressing room with her MTV crew. With a girl who has a crew following her, what appears to be 24/7, they're going to get the footage of the aftermath. So I don't know what's on that tape and I don't know what she said.

I know that, as a production team, we're a bit sad this morning. I know that she walked down the corridor and said that she'd been ambushed, that we'd ambushed her in the interview. I said yesterday to our team, 'Have a look at my script and see if there's any mention of alcohol on it'. It was never going to be, and there was no consideration that it would form part of the interview. So, it's not even there.

We were going to do the money. We were going to do the body change. We were going to do putting yourself in the public eye topless. That was all on the list. But at no time was alcohol or drug issues going to be mentioned because we've sort of done that in the past.

She sort of ambushed herself by slurring her words. So, I don't think it was an ambush. And in the paper today she says she'd never come on the programme again. Until she's better, of course, we wouldn't let her on anyway. It's a shame that she feels that way because unfortunately I think she set herself up or she was set up by the person that brought her in.

Phillip Schofield was talking to Radio 1's Chris Moyles.

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