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Mighty Boosh plan to break America

By Andy Brownstone
Newsbeat reporter


Newsbeat's Sarah Jane Griffiths talks to The Mighty Boosh backstage

Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, aka Vince Noir and Howard Moon, are sat backstage at Brixton Academy surrounded by gifts from fans, Pot Noodles and sweets.

They've just begun a massive three-month tour round England, Scotland and Wales but they're already thinking about the next step.

The duo say breaking the States is definitely high on their list.

Barratt told Newsbeat: "I don't think we'd do an American version of what we do.

"Obviously Little Britain had to be an American version. Our thing would just be our thing, just more of the same.

"They're interested in it. They're just waiting and trying to figure out how we would approach it over in the States."

It's clear from the duo's fan base that they get worldwide support.

Fielding said: "There's some girls outside from Portugal today. Beautiful Portuguese professors. They all look like Penelope Cruz."

Boosh film

There has been a lot of expectation around the idea of a Mighty Boosh film, which sounds like it could become a reality.

Fielding said: "We've done three TV shows, a radio show, three Edinburgh shows, two live shows, a book, there's lots of things we want to do."

Barratt said: "We're working on scripts, storyboards, ideas."

Fielding added: "We're not sure what sort of film to do actually. We might do an animation.

"We might do a film with two characters from the show, we might do Vince and Howard.

"There's definitely a Vince and Howard thing to be done but there's also maybe a character thing. There's also a sort of musical thing.

"We've got a lot we could and it's just trying to work out what we want to do next really. It's nice to sort of change it up a bit so you keep it fresh."

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