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Countdown to murder on Corrie
by Kev Geoghegan
Newsbeat entertainment reporter

Tony Gordon aiming a gun at Liam Connor
Tony Gordon is out to murder Liam Connor in this week's Coronation Street.

There's no sign of Jack Bauer but Coronation Street is going a bit 24.

Ruthless businessman Tony Gordon is set to bump off Liam Connor, rival for the affections of his fiancée Carla.

This week's episodes are set over a 24-hour period, ending in Tony's death.

However, exactly how he meets his demise is being kept under tight wraps, with three alternate endings being filmed.

For all Tony's downsides, his absolute is that he loves Carla and how far could any man, or any woman, be pushed?"
Actor Gray O'Brien

Actor Gray O'Brien, who plays Tony, said: "No-one's asked me how I did it yet."

He added: "It's not been much of a secret for the past month that Tony has killed Liam."

In the storyline, Liam, played by Rob James-Collier, has been sleeping with his sister-in-law Carla - who is engaged to Tony.

O'Brien told Newsbeat that, even though Tony has clearly gone too far, his actions are at least understandable.

He said: "Certainly he feels he's been betrayed by the woman he loves, everything he holds dear.

"For all Tony's downsides, his absolute is that he loves Carla and how far could any man, or any woman, be pushed?"

Alternate endings

In a bid to try and stop the story being leaked, Corrie bosses have filmed three endings to the storyline.
Liam Connor lying on the road
Liam Connor is killed in a hit and run in one ending

In the first, the underwear firm boss shoots Liam during a stag weekend paintball game.

In another, Liam is the victim of a hit and run, arranged by Tony, and in the third, he throws Liam off a balcony.

O'Brien admitted that killing his co-star three different ways was a source of amusement for them.

He said: "We did have a bit of a laugh about that, Rob and I, but we worked pretty hard on it because it was such a tight schedule."

O'Brien joins a list of classic Corrie killers, the most famous in recent years being Brian Capron's Richard Hillman.

The actor admitted he was prepared for the role to follow him around for some time to come though, saying: "I think it's difficult to come on to Coronation Street in any capacity and not become part of the furniture so I guess that it will continue for a few years to come."
Tony Gordon pushing Liam Connor off a balcony
Tony's rival is pushed off a balcony in another climax

But the question on the lips of every Corrie fan, will Tony Gordon get away with murder?

O'Brien said: "He will get away with it... for a bit. The storyline will run well into next year so we'll see.

"It's soap, it's Coronation Street and ultimately what has to happen is that the audience has to get some retribution and there's no question that will happen in time."

Coronation Street is on ITV1 on Monday and Friday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm, and Wednesday at 7.30pm.

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