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Page last updated at 06:29 GMT, Tuesday, 7 October 2008 07:29 UK expecting Jacko's call of Black Eyed Peas has been talking to Newsbeat about what it's like working with Michael Jackson, how he's feeling the pinch as the credit crunch hits and why Barack Obama should be the next US president.

You've had the opportunity to work with Michael Jackson, have you been told which tracks will make the album and when it's out?

There's all these artists in the world like Ne-Yo and Chris Brown and Usher, Justin Timberlake, Fergie, Rihanna - all of them. And then there's Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson has a different pace.

You cannot put Michael Jackson in that category, especially when a lot of those artists have been inspired by Michael Jackson.

So Michael Jackson's going to release his record when he releases his record. And he's going to pick who he's going to pick.

Do you know what your contribution to it will be?

Maybe. He'll probably call and say, 'Hey, can I come over to your house and record my vocals?' like he did on Thriller 25.

How do you prepare for MJ visiting your home?

It's only happened twice so I didn't have that much time to practice. He just came over to the crib and I recorded his vocals. [Impersonating Michael] 'I like it here, it's nice. It's real relaxed and comfortable. Can I come over tomorrow to record the rest of my vocals?'.

What is it about Barack Obama that you like? Why do you think he deserves to be the next US president? and John Legend with John Legend at the Democratic convention

It's not that simple. What I like about Barack Obama for me personally is how he's inspired me to take action and he's inspired me to want to know what's going on with America. And there hasn't been a president that's done that for me.

He sees the power of 'we'. He doesn't say, 'Yes I can do this for you.' He realises it takes a village.

Why should he be the president of the USA? Any president that understands and tries to motivate the population to get involved is a president we need.

We need a person who calls to action people to go into the communities and change. We needs a president that inspires the youth to realise their importance.

We need a president who tries to talk to us, not at us. We need a president that defines what America truly is now. It isn't 1777, it isn't 1884, it isn't 1960, it isn't 1902, it's 2008 and Americans are black, white, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Australian, they're Canadian. People come to America to be American.

Has the credit crunch affected you?

Yes. When I look at my light bill, when I look at what my taxes are going to be next year. Do I mind paying that? Yes, but if I have to then I'm going to do it.

It's about protecting your money. I can't buy gold now. They put a seize on the purchase of gold.

If I want to go and get treasury bonds, I'm doing it at 0% because everybody wants to buy treasury bonds to protect your money.

When it's this type of crisis you don't practise traditional investments, so you want to protect your money just in case there's a rush to the banks. You have to protect your loot.

Are you attending the MTV Video Music Awards?

I got nominated? Check that out. I didn't even know that. I think that's super-fantabulous, spectacular.

I heard the Black Eyed Peas have got an album called The End - what does that mean?

The End stands for The Energy Never Dies. So there's no need to fret or worry - it's an acronym.

What can we expect?

Lots of energy. We have a whole bunch of secrets.

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