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Do Katy Perry's parents approve?

Katy Perry tells Newsbeat how she has been coping with her recent success and what her parents really think of her number one single, I Kissed a Girl.

Katy Perry

Your life must be pretty amazing at the moment?

"It's fantastic. It's a lot of work. I'm getting used to sleeping less and different time zones and all kinds of people. You're always on the go.

"I'm very perky and very happy so I definitely have that demeanour at all times and there are definitely no sad or sick days."

What's been the most fun thing you've done?

"The VMAs were fun in the States - I got to meet some amazing people and see behind the scenes. I don't get nervous meeting any of them any more.

"I used to get really nervous and sweaty palms. I get to meet really cute boys - that's fun!"

They must like meeting you as well?

"I still feel really out of their league. Everybody's pretty cool. I got to meet Estelle the other day and hang out with her the other night and she was such a sweetheart. I've met Leona Lewis and a few other people.

"Some people are much nicer than others and very gracious. And some are total t****."

What did you think of Russell Brand's performance at the VMAs?

"I thought he was fantastic - I appreciate his really horrible sense of humour. I was at the VMAs in Las Vegas a year ago as well. I was there to witness to the Sarah Silverman jokes and I thought he was actually a bit funnier than her. They both have that awkward silence kind of humour.

"That type of humour is kind of like the new humour and people are catching on in the states.

"Award shows are quite interesting. Everybody doesn't really care until they have a couple of drinks. Everybody's anxious to perform and they're wondering if they're going to get spotted on camera, so until they've had a couple of cocktails I don't think they're any fun."

Is there any truth about rumours in UK papers that your parents aren't happy with your song lyrics?

"Not at all. I don't really feed the tabloids much and so they get hungry and they have to make something up.

"I know my parents really support me and love me and they're at my shows at all times.

"Parents are parents, they do have opinions of course, but parents always have opinions about what their parents are doing."

Is there anyone you want to collaborate with?

"I know I'm going to meet Sam Sparro in a couple of days which I'm really excited about because I'm a big fan. I love Yell and I'd love to work with her. I'm a big fan of everything over here music wise - I think it's the next level."

What's your next single called?

"The next single is called Hot and Cold. It's a different side of me. It's not all cheeky and sexy it's kind of silly and goofy which is much more me."

Is there any controversy surrounding it?

"I don't think that will always be the card that I have or I play. This song was supposed to be the first single and we decided to go with I Kissed A Girl. Hot and Cold is just a really great pop song."

Is the album similar in style to I Kissed A Girl?

"It's very different - there's all kinds of different personalities. It's not just a big fat middle finger or it's not like an attitude song, it's not all just cheeky. There's sad songs, songs about loss and regret. There's all kinds of different sides of me and they'll be shown in time."

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