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Gavin and Stacey 'could return'
Gavin and Stacey

BBC Three comedy Gavin and Stacey could be back for a third series, but only if the storylines are good enough.

Ruth Jones, who plays Nessa and writes the show with James Corden, says they don't want to ruin people's love of the series with substandard scripts.

She said: "We're not ruling it out but it would have to be a really good idea and a really good story."

Gavin and Stacey follows the lives of a young couple from Billericay and Barry who fall in love and get married.

Ruth Jones, 42, says she and James Corden are also too busy to work on a third series of Gavin and Stacey at the moment.

She said: "We hardly ever see each other or speak to each other because we're both doing other stuff at the moment.

"Who knows? Never say never."

One-off episode

The final draft of a Christmas special has been signed off and filming is due to start in mid-October.

Despite plenty of offers Ruth says there won't be any celebrity cameos. She said: "It's essentially about our cast as we know it.

James Corden and Ruth Jones

I think James and I could probably write a really good romantic comedy one day, a big film

Ruth Jones speaking about writing partner James Corden

"There are no plans as we speak to bring any celebs in but we're really honoured that people like it so much."

And Ruth says she can't wait for the Christmas episode to be finished.

"It's going to be exciting. I love anything Christmassy," she added.

"I love all those Christmas films. It makes you feel all nice inside.

"Hopefully that's what this Christmas special will do."

Ruth Jones says she'd like to work with James Corden again on other projects.

She said: "I think James and I could probably write a really good romantic comedy one day, a big film.

"That's what would be the ideal scenario if we ever get time to sit down and work together again.

"That's probably the area that we share in common is this love of romantic comedy.

"I think we're a pretty good team. We're both very different and at different stages in our lives.

"I think that we do have something that we can write together, so I'd love to write with him again. I'm sure it will happen."

Pet rescue

Ruth Jones has also been telling Newsbeat the full story about how her pet tortoise was saved from death at a recycling plant.

Tom the tortoise went missing for five weeks but was finally rescued after being spotted by a worker at a recycling deport in Cardiff.

She said: "This is probably going to become one of those urban myths but apparently somebody shouted, down in the depot, 'Tortoise on the line,' which I think is fantastic.

"We genuinely were heartbroken. He was a wedding present and we'd had him for nearly 10 years.

"When he disappeared, we suspected he may have crawled into one of the recycling bin bags but I think we didn't want to admit it in our heads.

"So we'd gone round all the neighbours, we'd phoned the police and rang the RSPCA and all the different charities.

"Five weeks went by and we'd really given up."

Ruth Jones will be appearing in a BBC One adaptation of Thomas Hardy novel Tess of the D'Urbervilles in September.

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