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Spooks spin-off for BBC Three

CODE 9 cast

A spin-off of the hit MI5 series Spooks is set to hit TV screens on Sunday.

[spooks] CODE 9 sees a whole new cast of secret service rookies take to the streets after a nuclear bomb goes off in 2013.

London has been evacuated and the country's power base has shifted north.

In the wake of the attack, MI5 has to completely restructure and set up field offices across the UK, gathering intelligence from local people around the country.

Heshima Thompson
Heshima Thompson is planning to release a solo record in 2009
It starts on BBC Three on 10 August.

Heshima Thompson plays Jez Cook, an ex-criminal who becomes a spy after his family are killed in the London bombings.

"I think Spooks fans will like it because, the thing about Spooks is, you've got agents at the top of their game and they're going in there doing an amazing job," explained Heshima.

"In this programme you've got six rookies that could be anyone and they're really finding their way and you're seeing them grow and progress throughout the series.

"You really have that sense of this could be me."

The 23-year-old is also one of Amy Winehouse's backing singers and was with her when she won her five Grammy music awards.

He thinks a lot of what people read about her is rubbish.

"Personally all the paparazzi and press doesn't mean anything to me," he said.

"You see something and then you've been with the person at the time so why would you be affected by it because it's absolutely rubbish.

Andrew Knott

You get the treat of doing things like running through shopping arcades with guns chasing after terrorists

Andrew Knott plays junior doctor Rob Sullivan

"It's just so amazing how she handles herself."

Heshima says performing with the singer is a great experience.

He said: "You don't get any bigger than the Grammys. It was absolutely mind blowing and when she won she kind of threw herself in my brother's arms.

"We were all jumping around. It was like being at a football match and somebody had scored a goal. It was fire."

Andrew Knott plays Rob Sullivan, a junior doctor at the time of the London bombings.

He's also appeared in History Boys and is promising lots of action.

"As an actor, it's great fun getting involved in the script, breaking it down, doing your research for the background and going and performing and working with other actors.

"You get the treat of doing things like running through shopping arcades with guns chasing after terrorists and terrorising old ladies that haven't been warned we'd be running past them."

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