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George Sampson's West End debut
By Sarah Jane Griffiths
Newsbeat entertainment reporter


Britain's Got Talent winner George Sampson is to star in a West End musical

First he won Britain's Got Talent, now he's landed a part in a West End musical.

George Sampson has landed one of the lead roles in Into The Hood, which is on at London's Novello Theatre.

Despite only being 15, the dancer is coping well with his new found fame, which includes screaming girls camped outside his house and former SAS soldiers protecting him.

Before his Singing in the Rain act won him the ITV1 talent show and 100,000, George took to busking in the street to make money.

He says he'd never imagined himself on the West End stage.

"I'm really looking forward to Into the Hood. It's the first Street Dance to make the West End," he says.

"All the cast are lovely, amazing dancers and because it's hip hop it's perfect timing. What more could you ask for? My head's in the clouds for doing it."

George Sampson
I don't ignore them I go talk to them, have a laugh with them, take pictures with them whatever
George Sampson on fans turning up at his house
For four weeks in August he'll play a school boy who gets lost in the hood.

The show features music from Gorillaz, Massive Attack and Snoop Dogg.

Thirteen million people watched the Britain's Got Talent final, and he says he's glad his home town of Warrington are still behind him now he's won.

"I can kind of relax because it's my home town and people know me. People knew I could dance before the show so it's like going back to school, it's good.

"It's a normal day. It's not manic or crazy or anything. I can talk to my friends, say anything I want. It's good to go home."

However, there have been plenty of manic days since he won too.

George has been mobbed by screaming fans at premieres and in the street.

"A few people in London, Liverpool, even outside my house. God knows how they get the address, but they're there. I don't ignore them. I go talk to them, have a laugh with them, take pictures with them whatever. And it's fine."

He's now got protection for bigger events from ex-SAS men.

He said: "It's not 24 hours, but yeah. I felt like the Queen! They make me more scared as they're scary, they don't crack a smile.

"If they say it's Friday, it's Friday, you don't mess."

George stars in Into the Hoods at London's Novello Theatre.

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