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Basshunter: 'I'm a legend'

Swedish dance star Basshunter is riding high at number one in the UK album chart with Now You're Gone: The Album.

The 23-year-old, whose real name is Jonas Altberg, reveals why he is a musical "legend" and how dedicated one German fan is.

Basshunter signed his record deal in 2006
Why did you choose to be called Basshunter?

I'm called Basshunter because I love bass lines so I always hunt for bass. Wherever the bass is I'm there hunting for it.

What was it like when you heard your album had gone to number one?

I've been trying to explain it. The best way to explain it is like every single cell in your entire body is having a major orgasm.

It feels incredibly awesome, but I still haven't found the perfect way to explain how it felt.

I can only say that it felt, really, really, really, really good.

You are the fourth Swedish act to have topped the UK album charts, how does that feel?

It's a very big achievement. I'm with the big boys along with Abba, Roxette and Ace of Base.

This is the ultimate achievement ever. If you imagine Sweden, where we have 9 million people in our country, an achievement like this will live on forever.

When you have one hit, you tour for half a year and you don't do anything else, then you will be forgotten.

But thanks to all my fans and supporters I'm a legend, I'm in the books forever and for that I'm very grateful.

How would you describe your music?

Thanks to all my fans and supporters I'm a legend, I'm in the books forever and for that I'm very grateful

Happy, a lot of energy and melodic. It doesn't really sound like other types of music. All producers and artists have their own special ID to their songs.

If you listen to a song on the radio you can definitely tell whose music it is. When you listen to my music you can tell it is Basshunter.

It has taken you two years to be recognised in the UK, why do you think that is?

The reason is all my other songs are in Swedish. We wanted to release them in the UK, but there wasn't really anyone who wanted to release them.

The reason I'm so recognised now in the last few months is thanks to Radio 1.

The star is working on new material

Is it true you recorded all your material into English?

Not all of it. Now You're Gone though is based on my first hit in Swedish. Normally when you translate a song into another language it easily becomes a new song.

But it's still the same story with a catchy lyric and melody.

Do you think other artists outside of the UK feel it is necessary to record in English?

English is the ultimate language and that's the best way to go international.

You can still go international with a small language like Swedish, but you have to be very good at producing the music and make it as catchy as possible.

That's maybe my stronger side.

Do you think people will still be listening to Basshunter in years to come?

Yes I'm very confident that people in 10 or 15 years will play my music and remind themselves of memories, but not on the same levels as Abba and bands like that.

Do you have any crazy fans?

I have a tattoo on my back which is the Basshunter logo and in Germany there was this girl who had that tattoo on her neck.

That's probably the most crazy thing that a fan has done.

What's the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on stage?

It happens quite a lot actually, people pretending to be Basshunter.

I've slipped a few times and one time I actually fell into the crowd, but they pushed me back up again.

But that wasn't really embarrassing, that was just funny.

Is it true someone pretended to be Basshunter at a gig in Magaluf?

It happens quite a lot actually, people pretending to be Basshunter.

Sometimes they get away with it because they play at small venues in the countryside.

But this one was at the third biggest club in Europe.

They were very stupid thinking they could pretend to be Basshunter in a club I'd already been to.

What are you working on next?

I'm always working on new stuff but my studio is in my bedroom at home.

I've only been home for three days so everything that I make is on my laptop. I'm still keeping my sounds but I want to make it a bit more real.

I want real guitars, real drums and get the electronic music a little bit closer to other types of music.

By touring in the UK I have been listening to a lot of music there and it has been very very inspiring.

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