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Mitch Winehouse: Amy's doing OK
Amy Winehouse's dad has been talking to Newsbeat about her husband being jailed.

It's the first time Mitch Winehouse has spoken since Blake Fielder-Civil was sentenced to 27 months behind bars on Monday.

Mitch Winehouse

With Blake in jail for attacking a pub landlord and perverting the course of justice, does she need to be away from that situation?

I'm still really not sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. If Blake comes out of prison at any time and he proves to be a positive influence and he's clean and he helps Amy in her recovery, then they'll have a fantastic life together and he will make his parents proud.

If he's not, however, and they go back to the relationship they had before, well that's not tenable. That won't work.

Amy and I have discussed it and we had thought about the fact that he would have stayed in prison for a little while longer.

Obviously she would prefer him to be with her but he's not and she's got to get on with her life. He'll get on with his life. And when he comes out, hopefully they'll have a great life together.

What are your hopes for Amy's future?

That she has a life that is as successful as she wants it to be, a healthy life and a loving life and that she can enjoy herself a little bit more than she's doing or has done in the past.

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil
She wants to have children - maybe it'll be with Blake, who knows. It probably will be him if he can sort himself out.
Mitch Winehouse

I love to live life to the full and I'd like her to be able to do the same.

She wants to have children - maybe it'll be with Blake, who knows. It probably will be him if he can sort himself out. That will become her drug of choice because she's mad for kids.

Have you had a father/daughter conversation about the past and any regrets she may have?

She hasn't got any regrets, she doesn't believe in regrets. None of us do.

Funnily enough, it's a family trait. We don't dwell on the past, we look at the future. She's got a great future.

But there have to be some changes, obviously, and she knows that and she's got a great future. So has Blake potentially and they're going to have a good life together, hopefully.

Is it hard for you and your family being in the media spotlight?

I wouldn't say it's been difficult. I kind of thought it came with the territory. Sometimes I get a bit bored of all this, to be honest with you.

I question my own motives sometimes. Maybe I like the limelight a bit too much. And I would prefer not to be in the limelight so much.

You don't see Robbie Williams' dad giving interviews, do you, or people like that? And I think to myself, 'Well, why am I?' But then Amy's a lot more in the news than he is. I'm sure the public are getting a bit bored with it.

Amy Winehouse
Winehouse's father has revealed the star would like to have children

I'd really like to go back to being a London taxi driver at some stage. That's what I intend to do. With Amy having a healthy and happy life.

Is it an honour to have Amy immortalised in wax at Madame Tussauds in London?

It's the highest accolade. I can't get over it. It's incredible, isn't it? What an honour for her and for our family. It's incredible. They asked me, of course, but I declined. I can't get over the tattoos. They're perfect.

How's Amy doing now?

She's fine. She's got two or three more live gigs and then she's going to be concentrating on the new album. I'm going to tell her about this and we'll bring her down to have a look at it, she'll freak out.

She's going to be starting on the new album shortly. She's got quite a lot of songs already. Four, five, six months, she'll be cracking on.

Do you think she needs a break from the media spotlight?

Obviously that would be helpful. But the media are the media. She's news and if she goes out for a drink down the pub, there's a bounty on her.

People know that if they pinch her bottom or push her or something it's worth 5,000-10,000. They'll get a front-page spread the next day.

Is that hard to live with?

It can be hard, but we've learnt to live with it. This is the good side. How many fathers in the world can say they're standing in front of a Madame Tussauds waxwork of their daughter? It's wonderful.

This is the sort of thing that does make it worthwhile, I can't wait for my family to see this.

Will this help in Amy's recovery, that there's a new accolade to her like this?

It can't hurt, can it? It's an achievement on her part. It's only four years since Frank came out.

She's only been recording for four or five years. So, she's done great and here she is.

Mitch Winehouse was talking to 1Xtra's Greg Mckenzie.

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