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'Best ever' Dragons' Den episode
Dragons' Den is back on BBC Two for its sixth series on Monday night. Another bunch of hopefuls, who think they have the next big thing, will once again try to get the panel of five expert investors to part with their cash. Newsbeat talks to dragon Peter Jones (second right below) about the series.

James Caan, Duncan Bannatyne, Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis

What can we look forward to in the latest series of Dragons' Den?

The first episode is probably one of the best ever. There's one investment on there that is very, very different to anything that you've ever seen before. We've never had a pitch like it and we've never had an investment like it. So you've got to watch that first episode.

Is the animosity between the entrepreneurs in Dragons' Den real?

I think what's great about Dragons' Den is the fact that, especially from my point of view, it's very, very real. You're in the den and you're in there for literally seven, eight hours at a time with a lot of other people that have obviously got big egos. We're all there fighting for as much as we can and if someone sees an opportunity we're in. But, no, what you see is what you get there. There's no love lost between one or two of us.

Would you go out for dinner or a drink with one of your fellow dragons?

You know what, I went out recently for a dinner and a drink with Duncan Bannatyne because I thought, 'We haven't got on for quite a few years in the den,' and I thought, 'The guy's getting on a bit.' I think he's a grandfather now. So, I thought, 'Actually, let's just make an effort and get on with each other.'

And how did it go?

It was a very boring night actually, to be perfectly honest. It was like going out with my dad. I won't say that. Of course, it was fantastic and we did have a really good time.

Who's got the biggest ego on the show?

Duncan Bannatyne, James Caan, Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis
Dragons' Den started in Japan and now runs in eight countries
I think I'm the biggest competition. You might say that that's a big ego but actually, um, yeah it is actually. It is quite a big ego. But the biggest ego actually is very typical. If you ever remember at school, at school the loudest person, the one that always jumped up and wanted to be seen, was always the smallest bloke. So, you think about the den. The biggest ego is the one who is the smallest and it's the one that sits in the middle. And his name is Theo Paphitis.

Do you have any gripes with the show?

I think there's a few gripes. I think that the way that the producers edit me sometimes is a little bit naughty. They don't give you the backdrop to why you lose your temper with somebody. So you just literally fly at them. So people at home are thinking, 'Cor. He's a bit of a nasty piece of work, that Peter Jones.' I just try to be honest and I do enjoy it, that's the difference. The minute I don't enjoy it will be the minute I won't carry on with Dragons' Den but I think it's a great inspirational show for a lot of people in this country.

Do you get any celebrities calling you up for business advice?

Oh yeah. Now it's amazing how the floodgates have opened, which is quite eerie and quite odd. One of my closest friends is a guy who I have literally loved his music for 14 years and he's become a very close friend of mine, JK from Jamiroquai. It's quite surreal and he's sitting there with him and he's sort of looking at me saying, 'I love your show and I love what you do and I love your business,' and I'm sitting there thinking, 'You've got the best musical mind in the business.' And you just think, 'Crikey it's incredible.' I need to be pinched sometimes.

Do you actually give JK any business advice?

We have actually talked about a couple of things. I do give him business advice. The only thing I'd like back from him is that I'd like him to teach me to sing and get a hit record out there. I got a picture the other day from somebody that said, 'Dear Peter, from one big Jones to another. All the very best. Tom Jones.' And I went, 'Oh my goodness. Tom Jones, smoking a cigar, is sending me, little Peter Jones, a photograph of himself saying, 'We're the Jones'. We're pretty cool.'' So, I wrote back to him and said, 'Look. C'mon. We've got to do a duet together.'

Peter Jones was talking to Newsbeat entertainment reporter Natalie Jamieson. Dragons' Den is on BBC Two every Monday night at 9pm.

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