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Jordan: 'Authors are jealous of me'
Katie Price aka Jordan has unveiled her new book Angel Uncovered, her third featuring a character who is Britain's top glamour model. The continuing story sees Angel Summers struggling with her marriage to a top football star. Katie gives Newsbeat the lowdown on her latest novel, adopting a disabled child, singing and renewing her vows with husband Peter Andre.

Katie Price (Jordan)

Are you always Katie now, rather than Jordan?

No I'm still both. Even if somebody wants to book Katie Price for a job, they still put me on the cover as Jordan. It just seems that both names are used.

Do you have a preference for either?

I'm not bothered really. I like doing both acts.

With the second book do you feel that you still have a lot to prove?

Well I've got 17 books out, they've all gone to number one so obviously I'm doing something right.

Do you think people can still be a bit snobby towards you?

Totally, especially at the book awards. It's as if I shouldn't be there. But I've got a right to be there like everybody else. I think they are just jealous because my books seem to sell more than most of theirs. But I can't help that. I obviously write good stuff.

In the new book there seems to be quite a few Posh and Becks type stories in there?

The way I've done the book because obviously the industry I'm in, is like celebrity magazines, Wags and reality shows. That's how I've done the book. It's very today and very much what I'm involved in.

It's good though. You've got the footballers and the wives when they go abroad, mixing with other Wags, fashion, babies, affairs, it's all in there.

Are you going to be renewing your wedding vows?

Katie Price (Jordan)
Katie Price released another book, Perfect Ponies, last year
We're definitely renewing our vows in September. I can't wait. It's not going to be a big glitzy do because me and Pete (Andre) want to do it for each other.

What is the reason for doing it?

Because I got post natal depression when we got married and Pete's really gone through a lot with me. It's just a case of renewing our vows and continuing our love for each other.

He did say that you had a great relationship and obviously we see that on TV. But once you get in a sulk, there is no way of getting you out of it?

Well that's the TV programme. It shows that I'm moody and Pete is the happy guy. But believe me, he is moody too especially without his coffee. But I am what I am and I'm not going to put anything on for the camera.

Do you want to adopt another child?

Yes 100 per cent. I watched a programme on abandoned Bulgarian children and that really affected the way I feel just because they were disabled or there was something wrong with them and people would just leave them. I just think it's really out of order. So yes I do want to adopt a disabled child.

What are you going to do to start that process?

I have already started but it's not something I'm going to drag through the press. I'm doing it because I really want to do it.

Do you think cynical people will think you're trying to be like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

Probably but am I bothered? No.

You don't seem to care what people write about you even though you do get quite a slating in the press?

Yes, I read about a different person because it's not me they're writing about. I actually look at what they write and think, 'God if that is really supposed to be me, then I've got serious issues'.

They write what they want but there have been a few legal letters floating about because I've let a lot of things float over my head. But sometimes it can get a bit too much.

I believe you're working another duet album with Peter?

Yes we're starting that in September and all the money will go to charity. Hopefully it will be out in February. It will feature songs everybody will know like the last one.

There will be some that Pete does on his own and some that I will do on my own and some original tracks as well. We didn't do too bad on the last album so why not? I'm a multi-tasker, I love singing and it's for a good cause. I enjoy doing it so no-one is going to stop me.

Katie Price was talking to Newsbeat entertainment reporter Natalie Jamieson.

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