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Jaime Murray on life with Dexter
By Katy Dartford
Newsbeat entertainment reporter

Former Hustle actress, Jaime Murray, is starring as Lila in the second season of Dexter. It's about a forensic blood splatter expert who works for the police by day and is a serial killer by night. Newsbeat caught up with the actress to get the lowdown on the show, working in the US and her future plans.

Jaime Murray

Jaime, tell us a bit about your new character in Dexter.

She's like nobody you've met on Dexter before. He meets her in an NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting. He has to pretend he's an addict to keep his cover alive. She's a great vehicle because by using the language of addiction and pretending he's an addict he's able to talk about his compulsion to kill and his dark side.

The second series has already aired in the US. What kind of feedback has your character had?

The unusual thing about Dexter is that although he's a very odd character, he's a bit emotionally autistic and he's very, very repressed - and is also a mass murderer! You kind of love him and have a lot of empathy for him. And when my character comes in, I think you feel quite protective of him and his relationship with Rita. So I think I'm the girl you love to hate.

How did you feel when you got the part?

Jaime Murray
Jaime has also appeared in BBC comedy drama Love Soup

There was something that I'd been really wanting that hadn't happened. Then I got Dexter and my agent said, 'You don't sound very excited' and I said 'I am I am, but I haven't seen it'.

So they sent me the box set to watch over one weekend before I had the read through. I watched it back to back and I became a total addict. So I went to the read through on Monday and I was a total fan and geek and was like, 'Hi everyone, I'm Jaime - I love you all!'

American TV is a different ball game from British TV - what demands were put on you?

Having worked for the BBC, I really felt I was doing the crème de la crème over here. It's quite an unusual job being on a TV show and set with a crew 16 hours a day, six days a week. So you're doing something very similar but it's just a bit sunnier - and occasionally, I hate to say it, but the catering's a bit better.

You're not in series five of Hustle. Do you have any plans to go back?
Yes. I'm very close to the producers and I adore the cast of Hustle so at some time in the future I hope we're all reunited. There has been some talk of a film but unfortunately for the fifth season, logistically it just didn't work out because I've got to go back to LA soon.

What are you up to right now?

I've just finished a film called Possessions. I'm actually going back for another film project but my dad gave me some good advice - don't talk about a project until the first day on the catering truck. So I'm going to abide by that, but there is something quite exciting coming up soon.

Dexter airs on the FX Channel on Sunday nights at 10pm.

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