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Glasto backstage gossip - Day one
By Natalie Jamieson and Frances Cronin
Newsbeat's entertainment reporters

The first day of the Glastonbury Festival 2008 saw a lot of good music and a lot of people wandering around in dismay - yet again - at the now famous Glasto mud.

Kate Nash
Kate Nash played her set from a giant blue oyster

Providing some much needed glamour early on was Kate Nash who had the job of opening the main stage. She emerged from a giant oyster shell and glimmered in aqua, blue and green as part of her 'under the sea' inspired set.

Kate said the theme was partly for Beyonce's benefit: "Fingers crossed hoping that Beyonce's going to be here and I thought maybe she'd be like, 'Respect' if I had back up dancers. So I had my friends dressed as skeletons."

Kate's sticking around for the entire weekend, staying in a tipi, on a mission to meet Jay Z's wife if she turns up with him on Saturday.

She said: "I'm not leaving Glastonbury until I've spoken to her. I'm going to invite them both round for tea. I've got cakes and a flask."

Lily Allen was spotted with a drink in hand at lunchtime, hanging out backstage with Jamie from Klaxons.

Lily Allen
Lily Allen checked out The Kills on Friday night

Rumour has it she could make a surprise appearance on one of the stages. Mark Ronson's our bet on Sunday.

Lily flew in by helicopter after she heard about all the traffic problems because of a scrapyard fire close to the site.

Her total journey only took 45 minutes: "We landed just here backstage and a guy in a Land Rover picked me up and drove me to my Winnebago - it's quite ridiculous. I had Louis Vuitton luggage, I'm a total cliché," Lily said.

No expense spared but Lily admits she didn't blag the ride: "I paid for it which is lame that's not very rock and roll."

As for her Winnebago, "it's space age", but she does admit it did have one problem: "My power cut out last night so I stole Pixie Geldoff's. I unplugged hers and put it into mine.

Meanwhile Jamie wasn't looking forward to staying in a tent again after last year, so Lily offered him her couch to sleep on. Lily was last spotted walking arm in arm with model Kate Moss in the backstage area.

Some of the Arctic Monkeys are also here along with actor Rhys Ifans. Singer Alex Turner is set to play a secret show on Saturday night with his other band The Last Shadow Puppets.

Rhys decided not to adapt his fashion sense from normal and stayed dressed in black skinny jeans topped off with thick black shades - despite a distinct lack of sun. He was looking a bit bemused and was being patted on the back by a mate.

Pyramid Stage headliners Kings of Leon were worried about messing up their tight jeans with the mud before they went on stage.

KT Tunstall
KT Tunstall didn't let the weather get her down

So they were walking around very carefully indeed backstage. Jared from the band said they were thinking of doing some covers but ran out of time.

He said: "We never get around to it. We tried like about three or four covers but (will have to wait until) next time. We tried New Order Ceremony, The Strokes Hard to Explain and Iggy Pop and the Stooges I Want To Be Your Dog."

The Feeling had put in the practice and pulled off a crowd pleasing version of A-Ha's Take On Me.

Singer Dan was glad the audience got it. He said: "Some of the younger fans probably thought it was a boyband song. The Feeling are covering A1. But I think most of the audience were more musically knowledgeable!"

KT Tunstall wasn't complaining about the weather as she's seen it a lot worse in past years.

She said: "Last night it was very constant sort of garden sprinkler rain."

She also said she was completely bored of people whipping up controversy around Jay-Z's performance on Saturday.

"I wish I could be here to see him but I've got to leave," she said. "It's obviously been a quiet news week. I'm amazed there's been such a fuss about it."

The main surprise of last night was Franz Ferdinand who played at the Park area.

They'd spent part of the afternoon wandering around the site themselves handing out flyers advertising their own gig.

They played a few new songs which went down really well with the crowd.

But after surviving a long day in the sticky, nasty, mud, the big crowd for Franz seemed very content to jump around to their classic hits including Matinee, Take Me Out and Michael.

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