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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 June 2008, 08:41 GMT 09:41 UK
Charley and Chanelle's BB9 tips
One house, two bedrooms and sixteen housemates - it can only mean one thing, Big Brother is back on our screens for the summer.

Chanelle Hayes and Charley Uchea
Will the rivalry ever end? Big Brother 8's Chanelle and Charley provided most of the entertainment last year with their continual rows

Last year's fiery contestant Charley Uchea thinks she should be running the show.

She told Newsbeat: "I wish it was my show because I'd have all interesting people in there - like transvestites, like freaky people, and just really amazing cool people. Instead of people like Chanelle trying to be the next Victoria Beckham."

Viewers might remember BB8 for the constant rivalry between Charley and the lovestruck Chanelle Hayes whose on/off relationship with fellow housemate Ziggy dominated the headlines.

BB bedroom
The BB9 house has two bedrooms - this is the luxury version

Charley doesn't seem in any doubt as to who the star of the show was though.

"Who was the main character last year? Me. Who was the most spoken about? Me," she said.

"Put me back in, it would be the best entertainment ever. I wouldn't want to go in for long but I wouldn't mind going in for a day… just to spice it up and maybe have an argument with someone I didn't like."

Viewers will have to wait and see whether Charley gets a guest spot but what we do know is that producers are planning to be tougher than ever - with rule-breakers facing a newly built jail in the garden.

Charley doesn't seem convinced though. She said: "Rubbish. They always say it every year and they don't change.

BB diary chair
The iconic diary chair gets a makeover for the new series

"When someone wants something they get it. Maybe they will do it for entertainment, put them in prison or something. They got rules and the rules always get broken anyway."

As for Chanelle, she is no longer with Ziggy and is keen to offer words of wisdom for this year's housemates: "I don't regret anything I did in the house.

"Me and Ziggy split up for a reason. I'm a strong believer in fate and things like that. So if people do happen to meet in there and get into a relationship that's real, then go for it but don't try and fake a relationship as you'll just look like a set of idiots."

"What I've learnt from it is, when you get in there everything seems magnified. Everything seems much, much worse than it is. You have a row with your boyfriend and it feels like the world is over. So try and see the big picture even though you are in a goldfish bowl."

BB entrance
Many a previous housemate has tripped up the stairs on the way in

Channel Four execs will be hoping that this year's newly revamped house, which is bigger than ever, will help boost the show's flagging ratings.

Chanelle said: "They change it every year so if I was to walk into the big brother house this year, I would think it was a different place.

"So it should be interesting. I just hope that it's a bit more successful than the hijack thing they did... because that was just car crash."

As for last year's evictees, it seems the rivalry is set to continue.

Charley said: "At the moment I'm bringing a single out. Chanelle's just brought one out and it's called I Want It and mine's called I Want It More. Anyone who watched the show will know what its about, it definitely rocks, its amazing."

Chanelle and Charley were talking to Newsbeat's Sarah Jane Griffiths.

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