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Last Updated: Friday, 30 May 2008, 06:42 GMT 07:42 UK
Lloyd Webber 'names' Opera sequel
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Andrew Lloyd Webber doesn't know if he'll do another TV series

Andrew Lloyd Webber says he has a name for the follow-up to his hit musical, Phantom of the Opera, but doesn't know if he'll do any more TV shows.

Speaking ahead of the live final of I'd Do Anything on BBC One, the composer revealed it would probably be called Phantom: Once Upon Another Time.

Lloyd Webber also revealed he may have a break from TV shows in Britain.

Three finalists, Jessie, Jodie and Samantha, are fighting it out to be Nancy in a new production of Oliver!

The winner gets the lead role in Sir Cameron Mackintosh's latest stage production of the musical.

Future plans

Andrew Lloyd Webber said that if everything went well, the Phantom follow-up would be out in time for next Christmas.

He said: "I have got my own new show coming on next year, which is my sequel to the Phantom of the Opera, which I think is going to be called Phantom: Once Upon Another Time.

I'd Do Anything
Three young Olivers were chosen earlier in the series
"But that will come on in November next year, probably, if everything goes well."

He also said there was no point in doing a TV show without a production for the actors to work in after the programme finished.

"I also have to remember that it's no good thinking of these shows in isolation," he said.

"There has to be a show at the end of it. We are different to other shows because there is a real prize of a real job in the West End.

"If we haven't got a show - we don't have a television show."

Three finalists

Andrew Lloyd Webber says he doesn't know who will win the live final of I'd Do Anything.

Jessie Buckley, Jodie Prenger and Samantha Barks have been battling it out for the part of Nancy in Oliver! since March.

Jessie, Jodie and Samantha

The composer, 60, said: "It depends entirely on who does what on the night and whether or not one of them really pulls something out of the bag that maybe we haven't seen."

"They're all three very, very good and very different. I think Saturday will be a very interesting ride."

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