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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 May 2008, 11:03 GMT 12:03 UK
Boyzone 'as good as Take That'

Boyzone have said that their comeback tour is "on a par with what Take That have done".

The band have revealed that seeing Take That in concert two years ago inspired them to reunite for their UK tour which kicked off on 28 May.

Singer Ronan Keating said: "I think that's really what spurred us on to get back together and do it properly."

The boys have been working out since November to get in shape for the tour which began in Belfast.

'They set a bar'

Speaking about their 'inspiration' Take That, Keating said:

Ronan Keating
Keating admits that the boys are in much better shape now

"The guys are very, very talented. I think they're better than they were the first time around and they set a bar and we realised we had to meet it, if not kind of climb above it.

"I think the show we've put on is on a par with what Take That have done."

In order to stay fit, the band are on a high-protein diet which they said takes a lot to maintain.

'Hectic lifestyles'

"You're having six or seven meals a day. Every two and a half to three hours you have 200g of fish, beef or chicken with salad, vegetables and rice and it really, really works."

The boys admitted they didn't look after themselves as much when they were younger.

Keating said: "The first time round we ate what we wanted, we didn't care. And when you're working like we were working it was crazy.

"We're all over 30 years of age now, we've got kids, families, and we live hectic lifestyles.

The boys relax backstage after the Belfast leg of their tour

"And to go back on stage, especially after what Take That did, and how well they looked, we knew we had to work very hard at getting ourselves to that level.

"And I definitely think we're there."

'Out of proportion'

Now the band are touring again they seem to have laid to rest the past tensions between them.

Keith Duffy said: "The whole thing in the past was taken out of proportion from a lack of being in touch with one another.

"We didn't feel any way against each other. A lot of that got put in the past. Now it's better than it ever was."

Keating added: "I think it's important that you're not living in each other's pockets as well. And that was the problem the first time round.

"We were 24/7, seven days a week together, whereas when you have a day off you look forward to seeing each another the next day."

The tour continues until 28 June.

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