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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 May 2008, 06:57 GMT 07:57 UK
R Kelly employee gives evidence
By Iain Mackenzie
Newsbeat US reporter, from court in Chicago

R Kelly
Mr Kelly faces up to 15 years in jail if convicted

A former employee of R Kelly has named him as the man who appears on a video tape, apparently having sex with an underage girl.

Lindsey Perryman was giving evidence at R Kelly's trial in Chicago where he is accused of filming himself committing various sex acts with a teenager.

The 41-year-old star denies the accusation.

Ms Perryman said she was 110% sure it was the singer and also identified the girl in the video.

She placed her age at between 13 and 14 years old.

'So good to me'

Mr Kelly's former personal assistant told the jury: "I did not want to believe it was Mr Kelly.

"I think so highly of him and his family, they have been so good to me."

She added that, if the man in the film is R Kelly, his behaviour was out of character: "I have never seen him being inappropriate.

"He treated me and the people who worked for him well."

Ms Perryman also said that the young girl allegedly in the video, regularly visited R Kelly at his recording studio, and on one occasion turned-up with a pillow and an overnight bag.

'Not her character'

However, a second witness who took the stand was less certain about the video's participants.

Bennie Edwards Jr, who is related to the alleged victim, said he was unable to say for sure.

He said: "It favoured Mr Kelly, but you only saw the bottom half of a goatee."

Asked if he could identify the female as his family member, he replied: "No. It's not her character."

The trial continues.

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