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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 May 2008, 11:31 GMT 12:31 UK
Kelly is in Cannes to party
By Andy Brownstone
Newsbeat reporter in Cannes

Kelly Rowland
Kelly auditioned for a role in the Sex And The City movie

Kelly Rowland rocked into the Newsbeat office in Cannes earlier. She doesn't have any movie business to do, she's just here to party.

By day, Cannes is all about the films, but with the big premieres happening in the early evening, it means as the sun starts setting, the champagne starts flowing.

She's on the guest list for a few swanky parties on Thursday, then on Friday she's hosting one and performing too.

She said: "I might bring my little posse with me, mingle through the party, have fun. I think people should enjoy themselves at parties.

Acting role

"It's not about how fly your drink is, or the diamonds you wear, it's about enjoying the music and enjoying that moment, and enjoying your time here at the festival."

The Destiny's Child star says she's keen to get into acting when the time is right.

There are so many diamonds here, you see so many diamonds.
Kelly Rowland

She told Newsbeat she auditioned for a part in the Sex in the City film but didn't get it. So who pipped her to the post?

"Jennifer Hudson. Why wouldn't she get it? I could have gotten it too.

"But whatever's meant for me is for me. I love that movie though, it's going to be the film of the year."

Invite list

Busta Rhymes, Mark Ronson and Jay Z are all hosting huge parties next week.

At one bash, a lucky female guest is going to find a diamond in the bottom of her glass of bubbly.

Kelly said: "There are so many diamonds here, you see so many diamonds.

"I don't have one on today, but it's enough here for you, the camera guy, everybody. You can tell it's a lot of money here."

And with Lily Allen already in town and Madonna on the way, the invite list for the parties is starting to become just as impressive as the actors lining up on the red carpets.

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