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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 May 2008, 10:24 GMT 11:24 UK
Apprentice reject: 'I had to go'
Matt Lucas lookalike Kevin Shaw has said he deserved to leave The Apprentice after being the latest candidate in the firing line.

Kevin Shaw

The 24-year-old bank manager took the blame for his team's disastrous performance pitching greetings cards.

"Based on that task it was right for me to go, as project manager I need to take responsibility. I think if you're running a large company in business, the buck stops with the CEO," he said.

"I was in charge of the task, we failed, so therefore it was right to go. I wanted to actually go in the board room on my own."

His team failed to impress with a pitch for environmentally themed cards - but as Sir Alan Sugar's aide Margaret pointed out, perhaps sending cards isn't the most environmentally-friendly option.

Shaw did give it his best, telling one high street chain: "If you don't put your weight behind it, then it's just the same as the US saying, 'We don't care about pollution'."

There has been criticism that the calibre of the people in this series isn't as good.

He said: "20,000 people applied for series four, whereas 12,000 people applied for series three, all with extremely good quality CVs. 20,000 applied and didn't get on there so there's a reason for that.

"It's very easy to sit on your sofa and be critical of the individuals who are on The Apprentice."

The Apprentice line-up, series 4
The full line-up at the start of the series, presided over by Sir Alan

So did he find the whole thing stressful?

"I didn't find it emotional or stressful at all. I found it quite funny actually because I was looking at the show and I was thinking 'Hang on a minute, my voice is muttering and I don't look that confident'. I really don't know why that was, I certainly didn't feel that.

"I think it's probably the heat sometimes and the light. You haven't eaten for a few days, you don't get an hour's lunch break. You are up at 6am, you get back to the house at one in the morning and you're up again at four."

Despite Shaw's diplomatic skills, he's realistic about how's he's been portrayed on air.

"The episodes of the tasks are 30 minutes long and the tasks are two days long. You're never going to see an accurate reflection of who you are and what you do," he said.

So, with half of the series already over, does he have any tips for a possible winner?

At this moment in time, anyone could win it because everyone has got so much ability
Kevin Shaw

"At this moment in time, anyone could win it because everyone has got so much ability. It's whether or not someone makes a mistake."

As for his new found fame, Shaw has been amused with the level of support he's had.

"Randomly in McDonalds I was asked to sign a chair. I just find that absolutely hilarious because I'm just some normal guy. It's not like I've got a hit film that's going to be a box office smash in six months."

"We're normal people doing the show, but the public reception has been fantastic. The warmth all of the candidates have received from people out on the street is great."

As for future plans, Shaw is taking time out to consider his options.

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