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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 April 2008, 09:41 GMT 10:41 UK
Black Eyed Peas team up with Cheryl Cole from Black Eyed Peas has been telling Newsbeat about his plans for the next year including recording a new album, appearing in the new X-Men film and working with Cheryl Cole in Los Angeles. from Black Eyed Peas

What are the plans for the next Black Eyed Peas album?

We start recording June through August, so we're gonna get into the studio and start cranking out new tunes.

In terms of direction, how do you see the band moving forward?

It has to change. If it doesn't change, we dead in the water. So it has to be the next iteration of it, the expansion. We've got bigger feet, you put the shoes on or you're gonna get corns and bunions. We left size nine, coming back size 15. It's big feet, big shoes to fill.

Is it true that you've got a part in the new X-Men movie?

I did a good job when I read for the part. I feel real confident about my role and my execution on my role in the movie. I'm Wolverine's best friend Logan in the movie. I love it. That's my favourite movie out of all of them. Spider-Man's cool but I like X-Men. Matrix, Lord of the Rings, X-Men - that order.

Can you tell us a bit more about the character you're going to be playing in the new Madagascar movie, Escape 2 Africa?

I play a hippo who's got the hots for Jada Pinkett's hippo. So I'm trying to holler hippo-style.

Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole sings on's new single, Heartbreaker
Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud was filming a show about learning to streetdance and she ended up landing a part in your Heartbreaker video - and even did some backing vocals. How did you find working with her?

I think she's cute and she's super dope, you know. She sings good. I wanna work with her in the future. Dancing's cool but she sings fresh. So that was the thing that won me over. All she's gotta do is give me a phone call, ring a ling a ling and I'm there, like 'Whad up'. She's super cute, she's singing super dope, that's super duper.

How do you keep in shape?

I like doing everything. I tell you what I don't like doing. I hate going to the gym with a trainer telling me what to do. I hate that. I just like to work out at my own pace. I don't like a guy being like, 'C'mon. Give me 10 more'. Like, are you serious? How about I stop. This is my body, it's my body. I don't like that. But I have to let go of that sometimes, delegating is good.

Where did the inspiration for your single Heartbreaker come from

My ex-girlfriend - she broke my heart, I broke her heart. It's not something I'm proud of. I feel bad for it. So that's where the inspiration came from.

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