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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 April 2008, 11:34 GMT 12:34 UK
Trinny and Susannah 'to get naked'
TV's notorious style experts Trinny and Susannah will strip off in front of the cameras for their new show.

Trinny and Susannah
Trinny and Susannah encouraged women to get their bras measured properly for Undress The Nation last year

After years of making other people bare all in front of a 360 degree mirror in What Not To Wear, the pair will join hundreds of other participants as they get naked on the Sussex Downs.

It's all part of their quest to create a nationwide body census for three-part ITV1 show The Great British Body.

Trinny said: "We never ask people to do things we aren't prepared to do ourselves. Nobody is going to be zoomed in on individually, it's just going to be an en masse celebration."

People have been encouraged to strip off and measure their vital statistics, from head to toe, and to submit the results online.

Trinny said: "We've spent years dressing the nation's bodies, and we now felt it was time to really understand what lies beneath."

The project culminates in the creation of two giant sculptures, one male and one female.

Trinny and Susannah
Fully-clothed, the pair take to the red carpet in Los Angeles

"We've been going round the country looking for a person to represent the great British body. And we're going to create a living breathing naked sculpture of that shape on the Sussex downs," said Trinny.

"Our inspiring man and woman are not average in any way in their personal stories. In size they're not average either."

Trinny couldn't reveal too much about the real-life people behind the sculptures, as they haven't been told yet.

So far about 400 people are taking part on 26 April but Trinny would like to see double that figure involved and has invited anyone who wants to take part to go along.

She said: "If you've got a Saturday free and you embrace that Britishness of loving and accepting your body, please come and get naked with us.

"We want all shapes and sizes and the more the merrier. We want to cover the Sussex downs basically."

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