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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 April 2008, 10:44 GMT 11:44 UK
Britain's Next Top Model returns
Contestants in Britain's Next Top Model

The backstabbing and bitchiness is back. Britain's Next Top Model returned to our screens on Monday. Newsbeat spoke to presenter Lisa Snowdon to find out what's in store this series.

So what will the girls be faced with this time round?

"One of the first challenges is they have to walk in Terry de Havilland shoes, which are legendary seven inch heels. Amy Winehouse wears them, Madonna wears them. They're amazing shoes but it's a mission to walk in them, so that's quite daunting. They get to meet Zandra Rhodes - so there's some really great iconic British fashion designers involved in this series. There are lots of scary moments like that."

What do you look for in a model?

"They have to have something that's memorable about them, something that stands out like a quirky feature in their face - like a slightly odd nose or a slightly different profile. We don't go for just traditionally pretty girls. We like somebody to have a little bit of something different about them, but they also have to have personality because obviously we have to remember them."

How does it compare to America's Next Top Model?

David Walliams and Lisa Snowdon
Lisa presented Richard and Judy's show with David Walliams

"The British one is so cool because we've got such great girls from all over the country. Everybody can relate to the British girls. So that's the biggest difference, but other than that it's exactly the same show. You get sucked in straight away - it's compulsive viewing."

What are your thoughts on the size zero debate?

"I personally don't agree with size zero. I don't like seeing girls that thin, it really upsets me. I really believe that to be healthy is what's important and if you're sacrificing your health to be a certain size I really don't agree with it. The 14 girls we've got are practically all different shapes and sizes, but luckily they all have a healthy attitude to food so we didn't have any problems."

In David Walliams' book he refers to a woman he fell in love with as "Miss X", who was later revealed to be you. What happened there?

"I was very flattered - he's a lovely lovely man and we are friends. A couple of years ago he released this book and it was all a bit of a mystery who this Miss X was. It turns out that it was me. I'm flattered and he's a lovely guy. We are such good friends."

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