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Last Updated: Monday, 14 April 2008, 08:30 GMT 09:30 UK
Daniel Craig: 'Just getting on with things'
Daniel Craig took time out from filming the latest Bond movie Quantum of Solace to attend the premiere of his new film Flashbacks of a Fool.

He plays a washed-up Hollywood star who tries to come to terms with his troubled past as he revisits the seaside town where he grew up.

Craig spoke to Newsbeat about his own ego and why, considering all the fuss over those blue trunks in Bond movie Casino Royale, he's stripping off again.

Daniel Craig at the world premiere of Flashbacks of a Fool

It seemed like Flashbacks of a Fool was quite a passion project for you?

Baillie Walsh, the director, is my best friend so I've kind of believed in his talent for a long time. I wanted him to do a feature film to shut him up mainly. And this script is something that he wrote five or six years ago, with me in mind. Thankfully we've managed to pull it together.

If your best friend writes a film with you in mind and it's as a faded actor, who is an egomaniac and very vain - how does that make you feel?

You can see what sort of friend he is. The fact is that the character's a fading movie star... he's not even fading, he's perfectly capable of working, he's screwing up his life - I mean he's a mess.

Was there ever a time when your ego got a bit out of control?

Daniel Craig at the world premiere of Flashbacks of a Fool
Craig greets fans at the premiere in London's Leicester Square



Yes. Really.

They do say that movie stars can be stroppy - are you always nice to normal people, real people?

I behave the way I do, I mean I don't try and behave like anything else. If I believe in something then I'll say. I can't answer that question, "Are you different now?" I just get on with things.

You seem to be quite comfortable with the level of fame. But when you first got Bond, it appeared you didn't really like it very much, you didn't like the press attention.

Who would? I mean I don't know who would like that kind of press attention - it's very intrusive. But I mean, I realised that's what would happen and I had to just shut up about it and get on with things. The main thing is that we managed to do the film and we managed to make a good film. That was always my aim and I've just got to try and do another one now.

You famously hated that everybody concentrated on you and your blue trunks in the Bond movie. Yet for the first 10 minutes of this film you're naked and you walk around quite happily naked.

The hypocrisies of life. You're suggesting that I hated that moment, I mean I don't hate it. It's fine. I think everybody thinks that I hate it. It works. It's just the fact that it's the only thing people choose to talk about, that's what bothers me. I get my kit off because that's where this guy is at the beginning of the movie.

And that is obviously what people will talk about when it first comes out as well.

I don't care.

Flashback of a Fool also stars Claire Forlani, Keeley Hawes and Mark Strong. It is released in UK cinemas on 18 April.

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