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Last Updated: Friday, 11 April 2008, 10:25 GMT 11:25 UK
Gladiators: meet the new warriors

Ice (Caroline Pearce)

Ice is 27-year-old Caroline Pearce from Cambridge. She is a fitness instructor and competed for the British bobsleigh team at the World Championships in 2005.

Predator (Du'aine Ledejo)

Predator is 36-year-old athlete Du'aine Ledejo from Newark. He has won two Olympic medals in the 400m relay in 1992 and 1996. In 2004, Du'aine won the TV show Superstars.

Enigma (Jenny Pacey)

Enigma is 25-year-old Jenny Pacey from Borehamwood. She is a personal trainer and sports model. Jenny's also represented Great Britain at long jump and bobsleighed at the Olympics.

Atlas (Sam Bond)

Atlas is 24-year-old Sam Bond from Bournemouth. He is a charity fundraiser and a competitive amateur bodybuilder. He came third in the national championships in 2006.

Battleaxe (Shirley Webb)

Battleaxe is 26-year-old Shirley Webb from Edinburgh. She's a former hammer thrower for Scotland and Great Britain. Shirley also has a degree in maths from Edinburgh University.

Destroyer (Damar Martin)

Destroyer is 38-year-old Damar Martin from Croydon. He is a personal trainer and bodybuilder with a few titles under his belt. His favourite Gladiator from the 90s was Wolf.

Inferno (Jemma Palmer)

Inferno is 24-year-old Jemma Palmer from Tamworth. She is a model and wrestler. Jemma was also invited to be a WWE Diva search finalist and was a Musclemania finalist.

Spartan (Roderick Bradley)

Spartan is 24-year-old Roderick Bradley from Grantham. He is a freelance artist, swimmer, rugby player and an American footballer for the 2007 Brit Bowl Champions, London Blitz.

Panther (Kara Nwidobie)

Panther is 26-year-old Kara Nwidobie from Morecambe. Her day job is as a children's day nursery manager but she has also competed at the Commonwealth Games for Great Britain.

Oblivion (Nicholas Aldis)

Oblivion is 21-year-old Nicholas Aldis from Norwich. He is an event promoter and actor. Nick has also been a professional wrestler since he was 16 and played football at county level.

Tempest (Lucy Boggis)

Tempest is 19-year-old Lucy Boggis from Quintin in Wiltshire. She is a model and athlete for Great Britain. Lucy says she wants to compete at the 2012 London Olympics.

Tornado (David McIntosh)

Tornado is 22-year-old David McIntosh from Altrincham. He is a serving Royal Marines commando and has done tours in Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Somalia and the Gulf.


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