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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 April 2008, 11:21 GMT 12:21 UK
George Clooney: I do have ugly days
George Clooney has been in London talking about his new film Leatherheads. The film is about the start of American football in the 1920s. Renee Zellweger is in it too. Newsbeat joined reporters on the red carpet where Clooney admitted that even though he is a Hollywood heartthrob it does not mean he does not have bad days.

George Clooney

You're just walking down the red carpet. Were there the usual marriage proposals and kisses?

Yeah, but mostly from people I was paying. So that doesn't count. I travel with those people.

Do premieres ever get boring? Do you still love it?

They're all really nice. They've been really kind here. So it's easy, it's fun.

You're a Hollywood heartthrob. Do you ever have any ugly days?

I do have ugly days. This morning. After last night. We went out drinking last night. I was in pain. Mariella made me drink. She forced me to. It was her job. It was rough. I'm Irish so it's in my blood.

Even though you had an appointment with the Prime Minister?

Yeah, that was a great one though. It was fun. He's really amazing actually. He's got a really great idea of a couple of things to do in Darfur that may end up being a step in the right direction. We haven't had a good bit of movement in a long time.

Were you hungover when you met Gordon Brown?

No, I wasn't. I actually wasn't drunk at all. I did have to plan out the day. I had a long day ahead of me. I'm fairly good at that.

You direct and act in this film. Is there extra pressure because of that?

There's always extra pressure, mostly about not undermining your friends who you've talked into being involved in the film. Mostly you just don't want to screw it up for them.

How did you talk Renee Zellweger into being in the film?

She's a really dear friend. She's been one of my closest friends for about 12 years. So, talking her into doing it was a little nerve racking because, in particular, she's a big star. So it's not like you're saying 'Hey, get your buddy to come do a film with you'. So I was a little concerned with not screwing it up for her.

I read that you had to get Renee on board to actually get this film made. Don't you have enough power in Hollywood yourself?

Probably not. I don't think you ever have enough. It's amazing. With Good Night And Good Luck we couldn't raise 7m. We had to raise the money independently. It happens all the time. It's funny, it's trickier than you think to get them made.

Really. Because I would have thought your name attached to anything - people would just go 'Yeah, we'll do it'.

Well, it sort of starts that way and then you have to actually go and make it. And then things change rapidly once they realise what it takes to make the film.

Do you prefer acting or directing?

Directing scenes is more fun. This movie was fun acting because I got to play football a lot and get to get smacked around in the face which always makes me laugh. But directing was really fun on this one. It's a lot of work but I like doing it.

With so much testosterone on the set of Leatherheads, did any of that spill over?

Renee has more testosterone than any of us, by the way. She was out throwing the football every day. I'd bring her in and go, 'If you keep throwing the football and get hit in the nose then we're done shooting. So stop playing football'. We would play basketball every day. You could play basketball, you don't get hurt. We would play basketball on the Sundays we had off.

You're 46. Do you still feel pressure to look amazing? Would you consider plastic surgery?

What I did this afternoon was, I had cheek implants. Which by the way - very uncomfortable to sit. And I'm getting my eyes and my forehead and my ears done tomorrow. There are some supposedly great doctors here, I hear. There's one who's a blind guy but he's supposed to do it all by touch.

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