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Last Updated: Friday, 4 April 2008, 14:59 GMT 15:59 UK
Girls Aloud star launches make-up
Nicola Roberts
Nicola says she was teased through her childhood for her pale skin
Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud has launched a new range of make-up aimed at women with fair skin like herself.

She says she used to live and die by her fake tan but now those days are gone.

She said: "People used to say to me, 'Nicola, just be pale - it's beautiful. It's unique', and I was so narrow-minded. I was like, 'No, no, no, no. Tanned is better, tanned is better'."

But Nicola now says her fake tan days are all in the past.

She said: "I actually now think of myself, like, I would rather be pale. I see people in the magazines with dirty hands and a fake tan that's gone wrong and it looks terrible."

The says she used to think tanned was more beautiful.

She said: "It's a bit sad really and I'm quite embarrassed that I actually ever thought like that. And I was so, like, everyone that would ever say, 'Nicola, your skin's beautiful pale', I was so adamant that I knew best. Oh god, it was terrible."

Dreams come true

The make-up launch is part of a programme on ITV2 called The Passions Of Girls Aloud where each band member gets the chance to fulfil one of their lifelong dreams.

Cheryl Cole has already tried out street dance in LA, Kimberley sang in the West End musical Les Miserables and Sarah learned how to play polo.

Nicola says she now embraces her fair skin.

She said: "I hated the colour of my legs. Whenever it would come into summertime it would be a nightmare. I'd be like, oh my god, now I'm going to have to get a skirt on. It was just stupid."

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