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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 10:40 GMT
Futurama star settles the score
Natalie Jamieson
Newsbeat entertainment reporter

Matt Groening's animated favourite Futurama is set to return as part of a four-part movie series. The first, Bender's Big Score, sees Planet Express become the victim of a hostile takeover by a company of aliens.


John DiMaggio, the voice behind the foul-mouthed robot, gave Newsbeat the lowdown on his latest adventures.

Tell us about the story?

It's a pretty funny story about internet spammers from an alien planet. They pretty much spam the earth of their belongings and Bender helps the aliens along.

The series was axed by Fox in 2003 and throughout the movie there are lots of references to the fact that the writers were obviously quite bitter that it got cancelled?

Oh yeah. Well the opening five minutes is all about just a slap in the face to Fox which is pretty funny because every big corporation deserves a slap in the face every once in a while. But they had it coming (laughs). It's pretty funny. Am I going to get fired for this? Anybody looking? Anybody?

Do you know the story of all four movies then?

Yes but I'm not allowed to say the other plots. But Bender does get a little pirate-y. And there are various things that are gross. I don't know if anyone remembers the episode with the Slurm Queen when she sucks her own tail? It's along them lines. My father got disgusted by that. So there's really gross stuff and it's really funny.

Are you feeling any pressure to make sure this film is a fantastic movie?

I think people will get a real kick out of this and they'll like it. It's a really, really funny movie. There's some really great jokes in it. They're really witty, deep and really strange, really out there.

Have you got a favourite episode?

My favourite episode is the one about Fry's dog. It's got the most depressing ending in animated series' history. It makes you want to cry at the end. I was really blown away by that. A lot of people would expect me to say a Bender's episode is my favourite but that's not the case.

Have you got a favourite Bender joke or catchphrase?

One of my favourite lines is when Bender is walking up the side of the building with Fry and Leela. They walk past this room and Bender shouts, 'Aargh get a room'. And they say, 'We're in a room'. And he says, 'Well lose some weight'.

That is Newsbeat's questions out of the way. Now it's the turn of the fans to put Bender on the spot. Why is Bender so selfish? (Ashley)

Bender is selfish because he can be.

What does his shiny metal ass taste like? (Seb)

Its got a little zincy kind of taste to it. Did you ever lick a pole? I'm not specifying which kind of pole you're licking, but if you lick a poll it tastes like that.

Have you ever used your Bender voice for a prank phone call? (Cartey)

Some people will come up to me and go, 'Are you Bender? Oh my God. My friend is the biggest fan'. I'd be like, 'Dude give me your phone, call your friend up and I'll leave a message saying, 'Yeah this is Bender, your favourite robot. I'm here with your friend but you aren't because you suck''. So yeah, I've left messages.

Will Fry ever win Leela's heart? How is The Crushinator? (Michael)

I don't know if he'll ever win Leela's heart or if Leela will ever let him win it. Basically that means I have no idea. But keep the faith because you never know. As for the Crushinator, she's a little pain. She keeps calling and I can't get her to get off the phone. It's very difficult because she's a bigger robot than I am.

Does Leela have nice boobs?

Leela has bigger boobs than she does eyes. That's as far as I can go (laughs).

Bender's Big Score is out on DVD on April 7.

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