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Last Updated: Monday, 10 March 2008, 15:13 GMT
In pictures: Leona Lewis in South Africa

Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis starts her three-day trip to South Africa by visiting a daycare centre in Johannesburg. She wanted to go and see the projects benefitting from the charity.

Children with Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis laughs with kids at the daycare centre in Johannesburg. The singer left for South Africa the day after missing out on the best breakthrough award at the Brits.

Daycare children in Johannesburg

The Leth'ithemba centre looks after kids affected by HIV/AIDS. It is about a half hour's drive outside Johannesburg and takes up most of Leona's first day in South Africa.

Film crew and Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis takes a break with one of the children at the daycare centre while filming for Sport Relief. Leona was welcomed with a traditional Zulu dance by the pre-schoolers.

Natalie Jamieson interviews Leona Lewis

Newsbeat reporter Natalie Jamieson interviews Leona Lewis outside the pre-school daycare centre in Johannesburg: "Most of them are orphaned or have lost one or both parents."

House in the slums

Leona Lewis visits an African house in the township outside Johannesburg. She is accompanied by her dad and boyfriend. It is a three-room brick house with no bathroom.

Child from a South African slum

A child shows Leona and her family around his small home. She gets emotional: "His grandmother is having to provide on her own. It makes me feel we all have to really do something."

Day care centre in the slums

A day care centre in the slums of Johannesburg. It is the last stop on day two and is on an old industrial estate. Around 900 people live close to this shack.


This container is actually a health clinic. Nearby shacks are made out of anything local people can get their hands on like cardboard, plywood and sheets of metal.

Volunteers at the health care centre

These are volunteers at a local health care centre. Leona said: "This has been life-changing for me. I'm taking this with me forever."

Leona Lewis does Sport Relief in South Africa
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