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Last Updated: Monday, 4 February 2008, 11:42 GMT
Downhill Madness in Lincolnshire
Andy Brownstone
Newsbeat Reporter, Radio 1

Many competitors had gaffer tape strengthened pants

It's a freezing February Sunday, the wind's biting cold and there is snow on the ground.

Do you a) snuggle up on the sofa with a cuppa and settle down in front of the Eastenders omnibus? Or b) put on your pads and helmet and bomb down a hillside in Lincolnshire at 40mph?

Hundreds of adrenalin fans braved the freezing conditions at Cadwell Park race track for the annual Gravity Sports Festival on 4 February. Here's what you missed:

Street luge

No need to be a winter olympian for this one. Simply get a stretcher on wheels (the stretcher part may come in useful later), slip into some motorcycle leathers, and launch yourself down a hill. Oh and by the way, most of the time you'll be looking towards the sky so you won't even know where you're going. Good luck on that one.


Again, nothing like its distant olympic cousin. A load of cones very close together, two people racing each other down a short steep slope. And if you come off you'll be sliding down the tarmac on your face. Nice.



No-one actually went down the hill in a soapbox, but most of the homemade carts were about as fast as one. Rob Samways told Newsbeat his cart, made by his dad and his mates from two bikes, did 50mph last year. To be fair, they were contending with a strong headwind.

Longboard sliding

The idea here is to build up some serious speed on the slope, and then use your arms, legs, bum, or in some cases head, to pivot around on the ground as slide down the hill. Clearly you need a lot of protection. A number of competitors who spoke to Newsbeat had gaffer tape strengthened pants to protect their tender parts.


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