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Monday, 21 May, 2001, 09:32 GMT 10:32 UK

Plaid Cymru manifesto: At-a-glance

The key points of Plaid Cymru's 2001 election campaign manifesto.


  • Welsh Assembly to be given the same tax-varying and law raising powers as the Scottish Parliament.


  • A substantial increase in public spending to improve services and redistribute wealth
  • Replace the Barnett formula which determines public spending in Wales with a fairer system
  • Higher taxes on earners over 50,000
  • More rights and freedom for local councils
  • A stronger voice for Wales in Europe
  • A full audit of European money and full additionality ensured
  • Increase minimum wage to 5
  • Support for economic and monetary union in principle, with Britain joining the Euro at the appropriate exchange rate

    Europe and defence

  • Reduced spending on arms, and more on international devolopment
  • Move towards a common foreign and external security policy for Europe
  • Opposition to USA's 'Son of Star Wars' missile scheme
  • Promotion of sustainable industries such as renewable energy
  • Move towards more governance at a global level, in order to act on the environment, international security and combating poverty


  • Scheme to help young farmers and early retirement


  • Railtrack to be brought under public control and responsibility for the railways transferred to the Welsh Assembly


  • Strengthen the ability of local councils to provide housing
  • Help for local people to buy houses when prices are too hight


  • Schools to serve communities and not competing in a commercial market
  • Increase in teachers' basic pay
  • Better conditions for lecturers in further education
  • No performance related pay
  • Strengthening the powers of the Welsh Assembly for Higher Education
  • Abolition of tuition fees
  • A new Language Act based on the recommendations of the Welsh Assembly's Culture Committee

    Health and social services

  • A substantial increase in spending to levels nearer to other European countries
  • A higher proportion of funding for Wales to meet its greater need, and to enable cancer and heart disease to be targeted.
  • Non means tested long term personal care for the elderly
  • Measures to help benefit claimants to get information about their rights
  • Expediting the process of paying compensation to coal miners and an end to benefit clawback from those payments
  • Increasing pensions in keeping with earnings

    Law and order

  • More non-custodial penalties, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by modern technology for the surveillance of offenders
  • More community police

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