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Wednesday, 13 June, 2001, 14:44 GMT 15:44 UK


Few poll surprises for Wales
Labour's UK success is mirrored in Wales as the political map remains virtually unchanged.

Murphy keeps Welsh Secretary role
The post of Secretary of State for Wales remains in the Cabinet reshuffle, and Paul Murphy holds onto the title.

Ballot box boredom hits town
Newport tops the apathy poll in Wales as general election turnout hits its lowest figure across the UK since 1918.

MPs await PM's call
Welsh MPs hoping for ministerial jobs in the new Labour government should learn their fate on Monday.

Hannan's Call to Order
Political broadcaster Patrick Hannan reflects on the first general election of the new millennium.

The battle for Monmouth
Tory hopes for a single Welsh seat are dashed as the battle for Monmouth proved to be as nail-biting as its billing.

Plaid gain after Anglesey blow
Plaid Cymru wins Carmarthen East from Labour after the blow of losing their stronghold of Anglesey.

Labour faithful welcome 'exotic' MP
Chris Bryant refutes his critics and those who called him too "exotic" and woos traditional Labour voters in the Rhondda.

Labour astride valley of the polls
Labour win the battle to retain their traditional stronghold of the Rhondda against a concerted challenge by Plaid Cymru.

Plaid's night of mixed fortune
Plaid Cymru carry off their prize seat of Carmarthen East and Dinefwr but lose Ynys Mon.

Late postal votes hand-delivered
Royal Mail pulls out all the stops to see that postal votes arriving late in north Wales reach polling stations in time.

End of first post-devolution election
The first general election post-devolution in Wales draws to a close after four weeks of campaigning.

Wales Decides: Your Views
E-mail us with your thoughts about the result of the general election.

Polling day in pictures
A caravan, supermarket, chip shop and living room are among the more unusual polling stations in use on election day.

MPs take their bow
Election day provides at least 10 new MPs in Wales as long-serving parliamentarians take their leave from Westminster.

Thursday gets the vote
There's little that's special about Thursdays - except one's when the British go out to vote.

Results night online
BBC News Online is poised to bring you the most comprehensive election results and news service available anywhere on the web.

First-timers cast their votes
Former hereditary peers and the homeless are among those who can vote at a general election for the first time.

Black box election night recorder
Forget the hi-tech revolution, the UK's general election still relies on the good old black box.

Goodbye, green benches
The 2001 House of Commons intake will soon be revealed, but some famous faces will not be returning to Westminster.

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