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Friday, 8 June, 2001, 06:27 GMT 07:27 UK

Quotes of the night

BBC News Online Scotland rounds up what the country's politicians had to say about the general election.

I believe the scale of our victory and the margin between ourselves and our opponents reflect the fact that we have won not just the battle of votes but we are winning the battle of ideas. Gordon Brown, Chancellor

As someone once said, who would have thought it? Peter Duncan , the Tories' sole Scottish victor

The Tories are still an effective force in Scottish politics. One is better than nothing, we have broken the duck. David McLetchie, Scottish Conservatives Leader

Never in political history has a government with many failings and many weaknesses been presented with such incompetence and inept major opposition party, and I think William Hague is the chief architect of Tony Blair's victory. Alex Salmond, former Scottish National Party leader

With the gains the Liberal Democrats are making across the country, winning seat, after seat, after seat - this has been a very telling verdict on what constitutes a responsible opposition in the next parliament. Charles Kennedy, Liberal Democrat Leader

We have secured a magnificent 70,000 votes for genuine, radical socialism and we feel we have now arrived on the political scene in Scotland. I think we will surpass 100,000 votes in Scotland next time. Tommy Sheridan, Scottish Socialist Party Leader

We fought this campaign in our constituency with our red flag flying from our red bus, with Labour policies of the socialist variety. George Galloway, Labour MP for Glasgow Kelvin

I saw tonight an old man who insisted that he wanted to vote so much that he took himself off the oxygen. Lynda Clark, Labour MP for Edinburgh Pentlands

It was an historic night for Greens. Despite the unfairness of the voting system many people voted Green. When we have a fair voting system this support will translate into at least half-a-dozen Greens in the Scottish Parliament. Robin Harper, Scottish Green MSP

While we must accept, and have accepted, the scale of all our defeats in 1997, perhaps even we haven't quite accepted the depth of that. Raymond Robertson, Scottish Tory Party Chairman

When a government party is reduced to putting up posters of Mrs Thatcher's hair on the leader of the opposition's face this is a political message, but a political message which says to hell with the lot of you. Tam Dalyell, Labour MP

Remember what Tories were like, what life under William Hague would be like. Pete Wishart, SNP MP for Tayside North

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