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Wednesday, 13 June, 2001, 14:44 GMT 15:44 UK


Labour's Scots glory
Labour achieves victory in Scotland, but the Tories are back north of the Border.

Cook loses Foreign Office
Robin Cook is dropped as foreign secretary in the new cabinet, replaced by Jack Straw.

Tory split talks rejected
Leading Scottish Conservatives say talk of a break from the UK party is "nonsense".

Historic night in Scotland
BBC News Online Scotland's Brian Ponsonby looks back on the highs and lows of election night.

Lessons for SNP
Leader John Swinney says the party must strengthen its organisation before the 2003 Scottish elections.

Votes fuel electoral reform calls
More than half the votes in Scotland were cast for candidates who failed to win a seat at Westminster, according to campaigners.

Labour chiefs in comments row
Labour's two most senior figures in Scotland play down derogatory comments made about ministerial colleagues.

Cabinet gets down to work
New foreign secretary Jack Straw attends his first EU summit, as Tony Blair finalises his team.

No change but not dull
BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor says the 'standstill election' was far from dull, it was actually 'political history' .

Scots parties reflect on historic election
As the dust settles on another Labour landslide, Scotland's politicians reflect on a historic general election.

Ministers get down to work
Tony Blair is at his country residence as his ministers meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Gain but still pain for Tories
Mixed fortunes for Tories as they regain a Scottish seat Westminster - while slipping to fourth place behind the Lib Dems.

Sheridan savours 'new era'
The Scottish Socialist Party leader says his party is now the fifth force in Scottish politics and attacks media coverage of the election.

Reid retains NI post
Dr John Reid is re-appointed as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in a major cabinet reshuffle.

Lib Dems equal Scottish election record
The Liberal Democrats have matched their 1997 general election performance in Scotland by winning 10 seats.

Scots produce few poll surprises
The general election results threw up few shocks north of the Border as Labour's 'big guns' retained their seats.

Voters confound conventional wisdom
BBC Scotland's special correspondent Kenneth MacDonald has some food for thought as he ends his election adventures.

Holyrood by-elections resolved
Labour and the Scottish Nationalists hold onto their seats in the by-elections for the Holyrood parliament.

Irish trip for SNP leader
John Swinney meets Irish Premier Bertie Ahern on a visit to Dublin aimed at developing closer links.

Salmond hails poll standing
Alex Salmond says the Scottish National Party can consolidate its position as the second party in Scotland.

Scotland's election in pictures
The key images from election night as Labour returns to power for a second term.

No plane sailing in islands
The Orkney and Shetland count is suspended after an aeroplane carrying ballot boxes had to take a pregnant woman to hospital.

Dalyell attacks Labour campaign
Labour's Tam Dalyell blames his party's campaign for voter apathy after a low turnout at the polls.

Quotes of the night
What the politicians in Scotland had to say about the general election.

Hamilton leads the way
Scottish Labour hold Hamilton South, the first constituency to declare north of the Border.

The choices in a hybrid election
BBC Scotland Political Editor Brian Taylor on the impact that devolution had on the general election.

Business as usual?
BBC Scotland political correspondent Elizabeth Quigley on how the general election campaign affected the Scottish Parliament.

After the campaign rush
BBC Scotland News Online finds out what happens to election candidates in the years after the votes are cast.

Electioneering - as others see it
BBC Scotland's David Allison goes on the buses to find out what tourists make of the British election campaign.

Polling stations face disabled scrutiny
As the polling stations open, disabled charities will assess the provision made for disabled people to register their vote.

The long road to the vote
BBC Scotland's David Allison on why the four-week election campaign is now the norm in British politics.

First-timers cast their votes
Former hereditary peers and the homeless are among those who can vote at a general election for the first time.

Goodbye, green benches
The 2001 House of Commons intake will soon be revealed, but some famous faces will not be returning to Westminster.

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