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Tuesday, 5 June, 2001, 12:08 GMT 13:08 UK

Rainbow George's manifesto

A candidate who is standing for four of Northern Ireland's seats in the general election has relaunched his manifesto after no-one turned up the first time.

Rainbow George Weiss of the Vote for Yourself Party has promised to scrap utility bills, provide free healthcare and education and cancel all debts.

The Englishman, who is standing in North, South, West and East Belfast, said party politics should be abolished.

He said he wanted a new electronic referendum system, which allows people to vote for policies rather than politicians.

Wondercity promise

He also wants to remove cash from circulation and introduce an electronic city currency called the Wonder.

Rainbow George's manifesto

  • Debts cancelled
  • New currency: the Wonder
  • Party politics abolished
    The unemployed will be invited to define and build their own inner city communities for a new city to be called Wondercity.

    Mr Weiss also explained his slogan: ''Let's tick together and power to the people.''

    Referring to the X normally marked on the ballot paper, he said: "Why should the candidate with the most signs of disapproval win?"

    In order to stand in the four Belfast seats Mr Weiss has handed over 2,000 pounds in deposit money.

    He needs to win 5% of the votes cast in each constituency to get his money back.

    In the event of him winning more than one seat the rules declare he would have a week to make up his mind which constituency to represent.

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