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Friday, 8 June, 2001, 20:15 GMT 21:15 UK

Mallon retains Newry and Armagh

The SDLP deputy leader Seamus Mallon has retained his Newry and Armagh seat.

However, Mr Mallon who first took the seat in 1986, has lost about 2,000 votes on his 1997 majority.

In 1997, his majority over the Ulster Unionist's Party Danny Kennedy was 4,889.

In his victory speech, Mr Mallon said: "I have been proud and privileged to represent all of the people of this constituency.

"It has been something that as long as I live I will remember with pride."

He said people in Northern Ireland were moving towards reconciliation and towards living together.

The deputy first minister said that remained his main objective.

Newry and Armagh result

  • Seamus Mallon SDLP 20,784
  • Conor Murphy Sinn Fein 17,209
  • Paul Berry DUP 10,759
  • Sylvia McRoberts UUP, 6,833

    In 1997, Sinn Fein was more than 11,000 votes adrift of Mr Mallon.

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