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Thursday, 24 May, 2001, 14:52 GMT 15:52 UK

Sinn Fein manifesto at-a-glance

Good Friday Agreement

  • Favours the Agreement and is determined to see its potential realised
  • Pledges to continue to demonstrate leadership and determination and meet the challenges ahead


  • Wants the RUC disbanded and Special Branch removed
  • Believes the Patten report must be implemented in full as a threshhold from which a new police force could develop
  • Calls for plastic bullets to be banned
  • Wants the removal of repressive legislation
  • Believes the NI secretary and chief constable have too much power over policing


  • Will continue to lobby for facilities at Westminster
  • Is not prepared to pledge allegiance to British royalty to sit in parliament


  • Wants the establishment of a fully-resourced Department of Equality in line with the rest of Ireland
  • Believes workspace and workplaces should be governed by the principle of neutrality
  • Wants public bodies such as the BBC, Translink and universities to be compelled to comply with the equality legislation
  • Would like an overhaul of the Civil Service
  • Will campaign for an end to discrimination in employment on sectarian and racist grounds


  • Wants the 11-Plus and tuition fees to be abolished
  • Supports an increase in pre-school provision
  • Would like continued development of Irish-medium education
  • Wants more focussed support for special educational needs


  • Is committed to an all-Ireland health service to harmonise and maximise resources
  • Supports an acute hospital services review and a cardiac services review
  • Wants a two-week out-patient appointment target in cases of suspected breast cancer


  • Supports early retirement schemes for farmers
  • Wants the development of a food safety strategy
  • Would like an environmentally sensitive programme for the development of forestry and fisheries


  • Is working for a complete review of planning services
  • Wants an audit of all existing mobile telephone base stations and antennae
  • Wants an all-Ireland Zero-Waste Agency
  • Will work for the closure of Sellafield and an end to nuclear dumping in the Irish Sea

    Arts and Culture

  • Would like St Patrick's Day designated an all-Ireland public holiday
  • Wants support for the right to use Irish in elected chambers
  • Believes in centralising and promoting Gaelic games and the Irish language in tourism


  • Wants measures to achieve sexual equality in political life and public appointments
  • Would like all asylum seekers who arrived who arrived in Ireland before 1 January 2001 to be granted an amnesty
  • Wants a specialist Homeless Forum to advise on the problem

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