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Tuesday, 22 May, 2001, 15:42 GMT 16:42 UK

SDLP manifesto at-a-glance

Good Friday Agreement

  • In wholeheartedly in favour of the Agreement
  • Committed to the principle of consent
  • Wants the full implementation of outstanding issues such as decommissioning and demilitarisation


  • Wants the full implementation of the Patton report
  • Demands the closure of Gough Barracks and the reform of Special Branch
  • Is calling for the withdrawal from use of plastic bullets
  • Wants the Gardai to be allowed to join the police service in Northern Ireland
  • Wants public inquiries into controversial murders

    Law and Order

  • Supports the abolition of Diplock Courts and the abolition of emergency laws
  • Supports the reform of the judicial appointments system


  • Believes the 11-Plus transfer test should be abolished
  • Wants the provision of fully-funded preschool places for all children
  • Wants investment in school buildings to eliminate the use of mobile classrooms
  • Supports widening the curriculum to include vocational subjects from age 14


  • Believes there must be greater emphasis on primary care
  • Wants staff and skills shortages addressed
  • Is in favour of greater financial and medical support for carers
  • Urges imediate investment in the ambulance service
  • Will campaign to tackle youth suicide


  • Will strongly encourage the Dublin government to invest more in border areas
  • Wants to maximise North-South
    co-operation in job creation and economic investment
  • Will work to achieve entry into the single European currency
  • Wants to ensure a fair geographical spread of jobs across NI

    Rural Affairs

  • Will work to achieve low-incidence BSE status so NI is distinguished form the UK
  • Supports a vigorous European marketing campaign for NI agricultural produce
  • Wants to promote organic farming with due regard for the costs associated
  • Will protect the interests of farmers in the review of CAP


  • Will lobby for the establishment of an Independent Environmental Protection Agency for NI
  • Supports the "polluter pays" principle and wants to reduce air emissions to meet Kyoto targets
  • Will work towards the reduction of waste as a priority followed by re-use recycling and energy recovery

    Culture and sport

  • Will lobby for a tax-exemption scheme for artists and sportspersons similar to the Irish Republic's
  • Believes symbols, flags and emblems should be displayed on public buildings only by agreement
  • Wants special recognition and an enhanced role for the Irish language in public life
  • Would supports the development of purpose built motor racing tracks to reduce risks associated with the sport


  • Is in favour of the introduction of the single European currency
  • Wants the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy by moving towards sustainable agriculture and an integrated rural development policy
  • Is working actively as a party within all institutions of the EU


  • Wants proper accommodation to meet the needs of the travelling people
  • Calls for fair treatment of asylum seekers
  • Supports the cancellation of third world debt

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