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Monday, 21 May, 2001, 16:01 GMT 17:01 UK

UUP manifesto at-a-glance

Good Friday Agreement

  • In favour of the Agreement
  • Advocates staying in the Union within the UK
  • Is committed to making the NI Assembly a success
  • Is committed to good relations with the Republic of Ireland based on mutual advantage rather than ideological nationalist schemes


  • Will not be party to any attempt to bury the weapons issue or ignore it
  • Believes the Assembly is jeopardised by the failure of paramilitary organisations to disarm

    Law and Order

  • Supports the creation of an Anti-Intimidation Unit
  • Wants wiretapping and other measures introduced to target racketeers
  • Supports policing despite "bad political decisions of government"
  • Wants to retain the integrity of the RUC
  • Promises to oppose a two-tier police force and community policing involving paramilitaries


  • Wants a "single funding formula" for all schools in NI
  • Believes the transfer test should be retained to some degree
  • Aims to devise a system that leads to major improvements in lower ability children while protecting schools already producing excellent results
  • Would like to see adequate grants to remove the burdens of student debt
  • Is against students having to pay their own tuition fees
  • Opposes preferential treatment for Irish language schools


  • Believes there must be greater emphasis on primary care
  • Wants co-operatives of all health professionals formed to deliver this locally
  • Wants acute care managed through a single Hospitals authority for NI
  • Believes in making better use of NHS's human resources through more flexible working
  • Thinks more use could be made of nurses in prescribing


  • Wants the new high-tech developments in the workforce to help offset businesses vulnerable to competition from low cost economies
  • Supports increased financial aid for the tourism industry and other businesses affected by foot-and-mouth


  • Will continue to work for the new Farmers Loan and Early Retirement Scheme
  • Wants an imaginative and well-researched "Ten year business Plan" for Northern Ireland agriculture to reposition it in the global marketplace


  • Will seek to guarantee a future for the fishing industry based on regional status within the EU
  • Wants to see active steps to restock depleted fishing stocks


  • Wants the establishment of an Independent Environmental Protection Agency for NI
  • Wants greater protection for the countryside from over-development


  • Fully supports the promotion of Belfast as European City of Culture for 2008
  • Is committed to the development of the maximum range of social, economic and cultural lifestyle opportunities
  • Believes in developing the Ulster Scots heritage and promoting British identity

    Local government

  • Would like to see more powers given to councillors and representation for them in Brussels
  • Wants a review of the rating system
  • Is determined to reduce the cost of administration and reduce the amount of administrative bodies
  • Favours the local council area as the geographic unit for all local services

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