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Monday, 21 May, 2001, 16:04 GMT

DUP manifesto at-a-glance

Good Friday Agreement

  • Anti-Agreement which it terms an "atrocious falsehood"
  • Wants Sinn Fein put out of government

    Law and Order

  • Calls for zero tolerance for offenders
  • Demands the retention of the RUC
  • Rejects an amnesty for paramilitary prisoners on the run
  • Wants the Parades Commission wound up


  • Accuses the Education Minister Martin McGuinness of unfair allocation of funding for schools
  • Wants support for small rural schools
  • Wants a transfer test based on educational ability and aptitude
  • Wants parents made more accountable for disruptive children


  • Wants the reduction of waiting lists made a priority
  • Demands an end to prescription charges fraud
  • Calls for private health care to compliment the NHS rather than compete with it
  • Wants an end to underfunding of cardiac services
  • Wants the government department downsized and boards and trusts amalgamated


  • Seeks the lifting of the EU export ban
  • Wants fair rewards for the producer and fair prices for the consumer


  • Campaigns for the provision of a decommissioning scheme to allow those who want to leave the industry to do so
  • Wants adequate compensation for fisherman who are forced to tie up their boats due to EU rules


  • Supports a waste management strategyi
  • Lobbies for road safety officers
  • Seeks more protection of Areas of Special Scientific Interest and endangered species

    Senior Citizens

  • Will continue to work for the state pension to be tax free for all
  • The maintenance of the winter fuel allowance
  • the delivery of free public transport

    Cutural and Sporting Heritage

  • Supports the promotion of the Ulster-Scots language
  • Behind the bid for Belfast to be declared a city of culture
  • Wants the restructuring of football in NI

    Jobs and Investment

  • Supports the establishment of a single development agency
  • Promises to promote policies which which will increase the promotion of NI products in GB
  • Opposes any attempts to integrate the NI economy with that of the Irish Republic for political purposes

    Other policies

  • Wants decent affordable housing for all
  • Committed to campainging for better facilities for people with disabilities

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