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Saturday, 9 June, 2001, 17:41 GMT 18:41 UK

Spotlight on England

BBC News Onlines looks at how the general election went in the English regions.

Racial tension impacts on North West

BBC North-West political correspondent Jim Hancock says the major surprise of the night was the number of people who voted for the British National Party.

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Jones loses to Conservative

The former Labour MP Fiona Jones, who has lost her seat to the Tories, claims she was the victim of a vendetta.

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Single issue triumphs in West Midlands

The shock result in Kidderminster dominates the post-election analysis in the West Midlands, according to BBC political correspondent Patrick Burns.

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Tory misery in Yorkshire

It was a disastrous night for the Conservatives in Yorkshire as they failed to take any of their target seats, writes BBC Leeds' Rod Jones.

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Tories fail in weakest Labour seats

The Conservatives fail to win back the most vulnerable Labour seats in the country, in the former Tory heartlands of East Anglia.

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Battering continues for Tories in South

BBC South political editor Bruce Parker watches Labour and Lib Dems both snatch once 'true-blue' seats

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No change for the North

BBC North's political reporter Damian O'Neil finds the political landscape exactly as it was four years ago.

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Labour maintain grip on South-East

Labour has consolidated its strong position in the South-East.

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Flook victory bucks West trend

Paul Cannon, the BBC West's political editor, sees the Tories thwarted in their heartland - with one freak exception.

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Small quake in Devon: not many Tory votes

The earth fails to move for BBC South West political editor Chris Rogers, although Liberal Democrats are rejoicing.

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