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Friday, 8 June, 2001, 04:06 GMT 05:06 UK

Small anti-Euro vote

Anti-European Union campaigners failed to attract much support in counts across the country.

UK Independence Party candidates averaged just 1.5% of the vote.

However, it looked as though the Tories had not particularly benefited from the decline in the Anti-EU vote.

Their vote was up by 1% more in constituencies where the anti-Euro vote had fallen most heavily, but equally Labour's performance was also 1% better in such constituencies.

In fact, the UK Independence Party appeared to have played a significant role in the loss by the Tories of two seats to the Liberal Democrats.

In the former Tory stronghold of Guildford, the party polled only 736 votes. However, the Tories lost out to the Liberal Democrats by just 538 votes.

In Cheadle, the Liberal Democrats pipped the Tories by 33 votes. The UK Independence Party candidate polled 599 votes.

UK Independence Party leader Jeffrey Titford polled 2.4% of the vote in the constituency of Harwich, which was held by Labour.

Left wing parties

Left-wing minority parties put up a respectable showing.

Far Left candidates polled a small, but significant number of votes.

On average Socialist Alliance candidates won 3% of the vote, with the Scottish Socialist Party winning 3.5%.

Arthur Scargill's Socialist Labour Party averaged just under 3%.

Mr Scargill lost his deposit in the Hartlepool constituency of former cabinet minister Peter Mandelson.

Mr Scargill polled 912 votes, a 2.4% share of the vote.

The rise of the Far Left has clearly affected the Labour vote. Labour's vote was down by nearly 5% in seats in England where Socialist candidates won over 2% of the vote but by only 3% where the Socialist vote was less than 2%.

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