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Sunday, 3 June, 2001, 16:44 GMT 17:44 UK

Campaign at-a-glance: Day 27

The key news and analysis from Day 27 of the 2001 general election campaign.

Landslide row bubbles up

Tony Blair says the Conservatives are planning to power via the back door as William Hague urge voters to 'clip his wings' and deprive Labour of a landslide.

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Labour fights complacency

Senior Labour figures move to dampen down speculation of a potential landslide.

As the election campaign enters its final four days politicians conducted a series of speeches and interviews to hammer home the message that the future of public services was at stake in Thursday's poll.

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Hague: 'I can still win'

The Tory leader denies he is conceding the election insisting: "We are doing extremely well."

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Kennedy steps up a gear

The Liberal Democrats have called on Labour and Conservative supporters to vote for them in the general election.

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Mixed picture from Sunday polls

The last round of Sunday opinion polls of the campaign paint a mixed picture.

Although Labour has slipped slightly the party remains firmly ahead of the Tories.

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Sunday's papers urge people to get out and vote.

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